Z-lite has been creating a beautiful array of quality interior and exterior residential lighting since 1987. The Z-Lite collection includes a wide selection of crystal chandeliers, chandelier families, billiard lighting, cast aluminum outdoor lighting, and tiffany families - all beautifully designed to suit a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

They seek to provide exquisite design matched with functionality for each of their lighting piece. All of this is accomplished while maintaining exceptional quality through the use of superior materials and fittings that stand the test of time.

Shop Appliances Connection today for Z-Lite that are right for you!

Z-Lite Product Series

Cordon Series Forest Series Talbot Series Joliet Series Beacon Series Seoul Series Kirkland Series CALLISTA Series Jordan Series Sana Series Savannah Series Sheridan Series Fontaine Series Dunbroch Series Ethos Series Titania Series Kinsley Series Roundhouse Series Astor Series Emily Series Bohin Series Aspen Series Melange Series Luttrel Series Euclid Series Dealey Series Beckett Series Calumet Series Delaney Series Portland Series Millworks Series Parsons Series Beau Series Rubicon Series Mersesse Series Multi Point Canopy Series Casa Series Glenwood Series Harper Series Calliope Series Riviera Series Soriano Series Nuri Series Sonna Series Bennington Series Bryant Series Wentworth Series Kraken Series Harley Series Fallow Series Vaughn Series Willow Series Vertical Series Barclay Series Quadra Series Datus Series Camellia Series Neutra Series Cavallo Series Brookside Series Barwick Series Clarion Series Helix Series Malcalester Series Westover Series Z Studio Series Pearson Series Aludra Series Ashton Series Fallon Series Arlo Series Z Studio Dome Pendant Series Bleeker Street Series Landry Series Eaton Series Cape Harbor Series Darcy Series Peak Series Tian Series Infinity Series Cronise Series Marquee Series Zaid Series Burren Series Tull Series Halliwell Series Halcyon Series Monty Series Alito Series Opal Series Amon Series Oberon Series Ascension Series Elara Series Peyton Series Haylie Series Soledad Series Ayra Series Dover Street Series Jackson Series Linc Series Privet Series Aubrey Series Trestle Series Harmony Series Annex Series Cobalt Series Katie Series Annora Series Sempter Series Maddox Series Kube Series Baden Series Soleia Series Modernist Series Gaspar Series Wyndham Series Barrett Series Haake Series Rivulet Series Quadrate Series Bella Series Arrington Series Chloe Series Gantt Series Eternity Series Bova Series Geo Series Iuka Series Monarch Series Arlington Series Lenyx Pendant Series Cortez Series Outdoor Post Series Ansel Series Osono Series Arosia Series Midnetic Series Burst Series Garroway Series Striate Series Landrum Series Winward Series Contour Series Sophia Series Mia Series Mariner Series Ella Series Flair Series Camila Series Saxon Series Dennison Series Sora Series Ava Series Aeon Series Mila Series Avery Series Tahoe Series Terra Series Cosmopolitan Series Bayland Series Edge Series Obelisk Series Quintus Series Nimbus Series Cormac Series Marlow Series Albion Series Citadel Series Pier Mounts Series Wakefield Series Vex Series Arcano Series Branam Series Eclipse Series Arc Series Lucian Series Luminata Series Elle Series Asher Series Phoenix Series Lido Series Baden Outdoor Series Orsay Series Armstrong Series Loek Series Laurentian Series Ariell Series
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