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Yosemite is committed to providing stylish and sleek home decor items that are as functional as they are beautiful. The brand manufactures products in several item categories like range hoods, bathroom vanities, and home decor. Each product by Yosemite is designed to standout and simultaneously augment the overall atmosphere in the room the product is in-- whether that's a bathroom, a kitchen or a living room.

Yosemite range hoods are modern and sleek. They are available as 30" and 36" wall mount range hoods with built-in halogen lighting. There are structured and more artisanal designs crafted with wavy glass. The commitment to aesthetics is furthered in their furniture and decorative offerings, as well.

Yosemite has a large bank of bathroom sink vanities for you to choose from. The vanities will fit any bathroom style; be it modern, traditional, or rustic, Yosemite has something for every bathroom design. The brand manufactures classic color options for greater versatility so you can choose a black bathroom vanity, a white bathroom vanity, or a brown bathroom vanity. You can then pair that vanity with a beautiful Yosemite mirror to add an air of sophistication through your decor to the room. Yosemite has perfected the balance between function and fashion, which makes it the perfect fit for your home.

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