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Xtreme Monkey Fitness Equipment

Xtreme Monkey crafts performance training equipment for the serious fitness junkie. In adherence to their commitment to peak performance and durability, Xtreme Monkey makes top quality equipment to give you the results you crave when you put in all those hours in your gym (whether it's a membership gym that uses Xtreme Monkey products, or your own home gym system) at the best prices on the market. By working with professional athletes and trainers, the brand has been able to create fitness equipment that promotes strength in the user and is strong enough in and of itself to last for years down the line.

Xtreme Monkey makes weight racks and freeweight benches. The workout benches have rubber feet to protect the floors in your home and rear transport wheels for added mobility. These features make it a perfect fit in a home gym because you can easily relocate it when you need to. Despite this, Xtreme Monkey's equipment is built for a commercial setting, so they are made to withstand relentless daily use.

Xtreme Monkey also makes other fitness tools like fitness balls, jump ropes, push up and pull up bars. For greater ease while exercising, you can also opt for a wearable weighted vest to engage in a more targeted and hand-free weight lifting workout that focuses on your core muscles. Whatever your workout preference, Xtreme Monkey has the gym equipment you'll need to help you strengthen and reshape your body.

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