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World Interiors

Based in Austin, Texas, World Interiors prides itself on using sustainably sourced and reclaimed materials to create heirloom quality solid wood furniture. Being an environmentally conscious company, they have mastered the craft of producing exceptional furniture while minimizing the waste of standard industrial practices.

World Interiors uses farmed and reclaimed wood from acacia, mango, teak, neem, and pine trees. Our proprietary 7-step catalyzed lacquer finish imparts to these woods a robust quality that can survive years of hectic family events and last for generations. You can even choose from a host of styles that include vintage, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, and mid-century modern.

World Interiors' commitment to producing high quality products is matched only by its commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. Refusing to put profit over preservation, their goal is to furnish a better future for all. This starts by providing reasonably priced, eco-friendly furniture that will last its customers for generations to come. World Interiors even leads by example, planting a tree for every table it sells.

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