Windster Range Hoods

Windster has been manufacturing professional quality range hoods, namely island mount range hoods, wall mount hoods, and under cabinet range hoods, since 2003. The brand focuses on designing powerful range hoods with maximum durability and safety. All Windster ventilation hoods are CSA approved, which means that the products meet the requirements of the most widely accepted safety standards. Additionally, all Windster hoods offer a seamless design that's soft to the touch, providing perfect stainless steel brushed finishes with no open edges.

The Windster Island Hood with a curved tempered glass canopy design provides heavy-duty baffle filters that contrast the whimsical elegance of the glass design. Additionally, the model features energy-efficient LED lighting, a one minute delay shut-off feature, and three fan speeds. Other Windster island range hoods come equipped with dual turbine motors that provide powerful suction (no filters required) to absorb all the cooking odors and grease in your kitchen. The aluminum filters are designed to capture grease while allowing only smoke and steam to pass through into the vent duct. This will keep all the grease in the proper, easy-to-clean area and not coating the walls inside the ventilation system.

The newest addition to the brand's product line-up are the Windster under-cabinet range hoods. They're designed with two powerful turbines, providing the optimal performance. In addition to that, the models offers new features, such as dishwasher-safe oil collectors and durable energy-efficient fluorescent lighting systems, which lower your electricity consumption levels significantly.

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