Why You Need the Miele CVA6405 24" Built-In Coffee Maker

Why You Need the Miele CVA6405 24 Inch Built-In Coffee Maker

If you're a true lover of both coffee and kitchen design, the CVA6405 24" Plumbed Built-In Coffee System from Miele is for you. Its modern, minimalist aesthetic integrates seamlessly into your kitchen or wet bar. This unit hooks up directly to your home's plumbing and inserts flush with your cabinetry.

Miele CVA6405 Double Cups

This coffee maker takes whole beans or pre-ground coffee. It's almost fully automated so all you have to do is swipe and tap its touchscreen interface to tell it what kind of drink you want. The machine even rinses itself out automatically when you turn it on or switch it off.

The Miele CVA6405 does all things coffee, from espresso to cappuccino and specialty drinks like latté macchiato. It also dispenses hot water, milk foam, and steamed milk for any DIY concoctions you have in mind.

Miele CVA6405 Lifestyle 1
Miele CVA6405 Lifestyle 3

This built-in coffee maker gives you the option of separately purchasing a matching warming drawer, turning the combined work of art into the most elegant coffee pot you've ever seen. It can store and heat numerous mugs of beverages to serve when guests visit.

Miele ESW6214 Warming Drawer

The OneTouch for Two feature brews and dispenses the same specialty drink in two cups at once, and if you or your guests are multilingual, this coffee maker's LCD display speaks your language.

Miele CVA6405 Display

Every setting on the Miele CVA6405 can be adjusted to suit your personal taste including:

  • The pre-brewing time (which determines the level of caffeine)
  • The amount of beans used
  • The conical grinding system to set how finely you want beans ground
  • The drink size
  • The drink temperature
  • Pre-programmed on and off times so you'll have drinks on demand

Want to switch beans? A hidden handle lets you swing open the entire front of the Miele CVA6405 for fast access to the slide-in interior bean container, which has a large, easy-to-hold handle. No need to check the waste capsule or drip tray; when it's time to empty them, the machine will let you know.

Miele CVA6405 Beans

For drinks with milk or a milk substitute, the EasyClick Milk Flask lives in the door of your refrigerator until you need it, then clicks quickly in and out of place at the front of the machine - no hassle, no mess, and no need to open or close compartments to add fresh milk at the perfect temperature.

Miele Lifestyle 2

And if the body of your current coffee machine looks like it belongs in a CSI fingerprint lab, don't worry. Miele's CleanTouch stainless steel is engineered specifically to resist fingerprints and clean up easily without any special detergents, so it'll look every bit as sophisticated as you do, sipping your latest custom-made cup of coffee.

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