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Whitehaus is a manufacturer of kitchen and bath amenities. Their luxury line of products includes sinks, faucets, bathtubs, toilets, mirrors, medicine cabinets, accessories and other related items. Whitehaus has been providing an innovative approach to functional designs for bathroom and kitchen sinks since 1995. Their corporate headquarters are located in West Haven, Connecticut. Since their inception, Whitehaus has flourished with their products being offered exclusively over three countries in 750 locations. In addition, Whitehaus brand of kitchen and bath furnishings that range from traditional to contemporary styles. The variety of selection can cater to any home décor.

Whitehaus offers products to suit every need and style, from plain basins to elaborate and stylish designs for those with sophisticated tastes. We carry their finest fireclay sinks, a material long in use in ceramics. Fireclay is fired at extremely high temperatures, causing the clay and the glaze to bond, meaning this sink will be long-lasting and retain its shiny finish well into the future. Fireclay can hold up to heavy use over long periods of time, and are noted for their high quality, being found in the finest home. A recent design trend, expect fireclay to remain fashionable well into the future due to its extreme durability; it's sure to be a hallmark of class for many years to come.

Whitehaus makes some of the best fireclay sinks in the industry, and we're pleased to carry their Farmhaus collection in its entirety. A traditionally crafted and styled design series, Farmhaus is evocative of rural farmhouses and stripped down, rustic styling. Sure to impress, these high quality sinks will turn any bathroom or kitchen into a fine work of art. Fully reversible, and available in multiple configurations including double basin, concave front apron, fluted front apron, and good, old fashioned plain and simple, the Farmhaus collection is both an elegant and understated addition to any home. With Farmhaus styling and the Whitehaus guarantee of quality, you're sure to find the perfect sink.

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