When and Why You Need a New Washer Hose?


Many people have concerns about the washing machine hose when they purchase a washer. Imagine the mess that washers will create if the hose bursts when you are not at home; the soapy water will cover the whole floor. That is why it is so important to be aware of what kinds of hoses you have and how old they are.

Inspecting your washing machine hose every year is recommended to make sure that the hose connections are secure. When you move the washer, the washing machine hoses can become loose and that might start the leaking. The next step is to inspect the hoses for any cracks and clean up the rust on the connectors. You must check if the hose is damp or not to figure out if you need a hose replacement. If the hose is damp then there is a small leak; thus, you should replace the hose as soon as possible.

If you don't want your hose to burst then you should not overuse it. You must replace the washing machine hose at least in every five years because after five years there is a good chance that the hose will show a sign of wear which will lead to bursting.


The process of installation of a hose should take place carefully. For instance, the twisted hose during the installation period can weaken the hose which might lead to bursting. That is why it is important to make sure the person who is installing the washer is careful with the hose. Appliances Connection has a very high customer satisfaction rate in installment and removal services. If you are willing to pay for the installment and removal services, then appliances connection can guarantee you a very quick and efficient removal and installment services.

Sometimes being extra careful is not enough. No matter how well you install the hose, sometimes experiencing leakage and bursting of a hose is inevitable. Nothing is full proof, even the new items, so, be sure to double check the hose to see if there are any holes in your new hose that you bought. Now that we have learned how to prevent flooding, let's figure out what type of hoses will work the best for you.

Different type of hoses:

Stainless steel vs. rubber hoses

Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel hoses are heat and pressure resistant. That is why they are more expensive than Reinforced Rubber. Despite it being expensive, many consumers have argued that Stainless Steel hoses worth the price. Also, Stainless Steel hoses offer customer up to five years of warranty.

Rubber - Online you can find rubber hoses for a very reasonable price. If you want better quality rubber hoses, then you purchase reinforced rubber. For a better quality, the reinforced rubber is mixed with polyester mesh or a braided rayon.

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