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Ever since 1935 Westbrass has been serving customers with affordable, durable and eco-friendly plumbing products such as, sinks and faucets, and toilets.

With the clear vision to become a leader in plumbing industry, Westbrass achieved the title of being the premier distributor of plumbing products. This is all because of their effort to manufacture products with high quality that can pass the highly stringent requirement of NSF, IAPMO, ADA and many other regulations.

Westbrass does put safety and quality first, but they do that without having to sacrifice the design, functionality and affordability. Many Westbrass products comes packed with multiple features that ensures full customer satisfaction. For instance, Westbrass manufacture toilets that have multiple features like, balanced water distribution, wide water surface, powerful and efficient 3" flushing valve, and the most advanced flushing system.

In addition to features Westbrass toilets comes in different shapes and different color options such as, bisque, white, black, beige, cashmere, cotton white, dark grey, sandbar and dune etc. So you can easily pick and choose which ever works best for you. In addition to plumbing products, Westbrass also manufacture various decorative bathroom accessories that have elegant design.

Westbrass has becomes the premier distributor of plumbing products because of their intellectual team of engineers, designers and manufacturers.

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