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In the 1950's, welder George Stephen wanted a better grill. Finding the flat open brazier, the standard grill of it's day, woefully inadequate to his needs, Stephen thought "There must be a better way!" Realizing the buoys he was welding would form the perfect base for a new type of grill, Stephen began engineering a strange, metal, round-bottom grill which sat within a three-legged pedestal stand. Dubbed "Sputnik" by his friends and neighbors due to its resemblance to the iconic Russian satellite then making news, George Stephen took to the road with what he called "George's Barbecue Kettle," and found America clamoring for his new and better grill, whose lid kept in flavor-enhancing smoke and prevented grease flareups. And so was born Weber Grills.

Since that time, Weber has been at the forefront of grill technology innovation, including the revolutionary Genesis gas grill and the daring Spirit line, perfect for beginner and budget-conscious grill enthusiasts, promising a great burger with a minimum of complexity and cost. And for all that, they still sell, maintain, and -- most importantly -- stand proudly beside the original, iconic kettle grill. An American original in its elegant simplicity, the charcoal grill that started it all is still available, both low-cost and high quality. Revolutionary in its design, it's still one of the best grills on the market for the beginner and experienced griller alike. So, whether you want a simple grill, or something with a few more bells and whistles, Weber has the best grill for you.

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