Washer Guide - Stackable Vs. Side-by-Side

For centuries people have been wasting water, gas, energy and time just to do their laundry. Imagine having to rub your clothes consistently with a certain speed for a long period of time just to get them cleaned. Then having to repeat that process at least once in every week. It is not only exhausting but also, very time consuming. Thankfully, with the technologically advanced washing machines that are provided to us by the genius team of engineers, designers and manufacturers, you do not have to worry about that anymore.

From design to functionality, modern washing machines have everything that you always wanted. There are three types of washing machines that are gaining popularity nowadays.

  • Front Load where loading hole is located at the front of the washer
  • Top Load washers which have a loading hole that is located at the top of the washer
  • Portable washing machines that are known for being small in size and easy to move around the house

Washing machines also differ in size, wash cycles, temperature settings, maximum spin speed, and control type etc. These amazing general features that washing machines offer make our work so much easier.

In addition to all the previous features that were mentioned, the method with which you install washing machines differs depending on the model. For instance, there two types of washing machines, side-by-side or stackable. If you are wondering which one is going to be more suitable for you, you should continue reading this article.

Stackable Washers

Because of growing urbanization, the average living space for people s getting smaller and smaller. Thus, customers are demanding appliances that are smaller in size but without compromising its functionality or speed. Stackable washers fit that demand perfectly. So, what are stackable washing machines? Stackable washing machines help you to save space by placing the dryer on top of the washer. Stackable washing machines' popularity grew right after added Front Load design was introduced to the market.

Some of the advantages that stackable washing machines offer are the speed, performance, and space saving capability. Another advantage of having stackable washing machines at your home is the fact that it runs a quieter operation than the side-by-side washing machines. Although stackable washing machines are space saving, you have to consider how tall each washing machine and the dryer is, to ensure that they fit perfectly into a given vertical space to support the whole structure. Take a look at some stackable washers and make an informed decision.

This Whirlpool Front Load washer is 27 inch with 4.5 cubic feet capacity and eight different wash cycles. This washer offers Precision Dispense that holds the detergent and additives to release it at the correct time during the cycle for optimal fabric care. Additionally, the detergent mixes with water to penetrate fabrics and virtually eliminate pretreating. It also offers a stainless steel wash basket that gently guides n clothes through the wash cycle and helps protect fabrics from fraying and snags and adaptive wash technology that senses the needs of each load and adapt wash actions.

Or, you can take a look at Maytag's 27 inch Front Load washers from their Heritage Series. It has 4.3 cubic feet capacity, steam cycle, sanitize cycle and energy certified to ensure that you save energy and money. If you are type of person who wants to get the best out of washing machine then you should definitely check out Samsung's 27" Front Load Washer with 4.2 cubic feet capacity that comes with nine wash cycles that includes Steam Wash and NSF Certified Sanitize and Allergen cycle that eliminate up to 99% of allergens in each laundry load.

Side-by-Side Washers

Side-by-Side washers are washer and a dryers that stand side-by-side. There are many advantages of having your washer and dryer side-by-side. For instance, side-by-side washers are great for easy accessibility. For stackable washing machines, people who have a disability/wheelchair will not be able to reach out to their dryer if it is hanging up on the washer. Thus making side-by-side washers perfect for the people with a disability. If you are the type of person who likes to do their laundry all at once at bigger load, then you should definitely check out side-by-side washer because they usually have a larger capacity.

If you do not know where to start looking for that perfect washer that you always dreamed about, then check out GE's famous 27 inch top load washer. It offer 4.2 cubic feet capacity and 14 different wash cycles that include deep fill, deep rinse, auto soak and speed wash. Or, you can also check out Maytag's 28 inch Top Load Washer with 4.2 cubic feet capacity that comes with 11 wash cycles including, deep water wash cycle, and cold wash cycles. Also, you can check out LG's 27 inch front load washer with 4.5 cubic feet capacity and 14 different wash cycles. Most of these washers are energy star rated in order to save you energy and money.

If you are looking to make the most of the very limited laundry space you have, then stackable washers might be an option for you. If you have enough space and prefer your dryers and washers side-by-side, then you should definitely go with side-by-side washers.

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