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For over seventy five years, Waring Products has been a leading manufacturer of home kitchen appliances, commercial products, and laboratory equipment. In 1937 the company introduced the first blender, the "Miracle Mixer," which featured heavy promotion by famed entertainer Fred Waring, after whom the company was eventually renamed. Since that time, Waring has devoted itself to the production of the highest quality kitchen appliances for both home and commercial use. From the original blender, they've branched out to mixers, waffle makers, juicers, and other vital home kitchen appliances. With decades of experience behind them, you can be assured Waring is providing you with the highest quality kitchen appliances you can find.

Indeed, Waring now manufactures wine chillers, stove components including burners and induction cooktops, toaster ovens, and snow cone makers. Clearly, this company is not one to rest on their laurels, and has spent the last seventy five years developing their product line and expertise to allow them to over such a wide and diverse range of products, ambitious to be the primary supplier of kitchen products to you and your home. Whether you need a cotton candy maker, slow cooker, or convection oven, Waring wants to provide you with the best products. And we want to bring you those products at the best prices. Together, we're able to provide high quality kitchenware at the lowest prices you're likely to find anywhere.

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