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Vulcan is one of the world's largest manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment including ranges, ovens, steamers, kettles, fryers, griddles and product related accessories. Vulcan is recognized throughout the world for providing top of the line quality, energy-efficient professional food service equipment for commercial use.

Vulcan offers a wide selection of commercial gas and electric ranges in multiple sizes (24 to 72 inch ranges) and burner configurations. All Vulcan commercial ranges are constructed with the highest quality stainless steel for maximum durability and provide optimal performance with advanced features. The largest Vulcan gas range is equipped with 30,000 BTU of high heat through open burners covered with heavy-duty cast griddles. Additionally, the side-by-side standard or convection double ovens with two adjustable racks provide a superior baking experience. The Shrouded Flashtube Pilot system saves a substantial amount in energy cost by providing one pilot per every two burners, while the Accelerator Airflow technology of the Vulcan convection ovens eliminates hot and cold spots for truly even baking results.

Vulcan restaurant electric ranges are a great alternative to gas ranges because they have electric french plates with endless heat controls and oversized standard ovens to get a lot of cooking done on a single unit. The largest Vulcan restaurant electric range is 60 inches wide and has ten french plates, and a standard double oven with a single rack in each oven and four rack positions. Similar to Vulcan gas ranges, the electric model is designed to last. It's constructed with stainless steel adjustable legs, cool-to-the-touch control knobs, and an aluminized steel frame.

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