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Founded over 25 years ago and headquartered in the United States, VIGO constantly strives to produce the best bathroom fixtures in the industry, seamlessly blending fascinating, stylish designs with high quality construction and dependability, always working toward that unique, refined aesthetic that is VIGO. With a world class research and development department staying at the state of the art in technology and design consistently bringing out the highest quality bathroom fixtures they can build in a wide variety of finishes, you know you're getting the finest pieces on the market. Your bathroom can be so much more than a functional room; with VIGO, it can truly become a work of art. From the stunning bronzes of the Kenyan Twilight series to the ultra-modern Ethereal-Deuce, you're sure to find a style that fits in your life.

VIGO is sophisticated, and when you install VIGO in your home, you're bringing with you a level of style and class that can only be summed up with that one magic word: VIGO. Backed by a lifetime warranty, VIGO is more than just an image; VIGO is a promise.

Over their nearly three decades at the forefront of this industry, VIGO has built an unwavering reputation for producing the best pieces, marvels of sophistication and class at amazing, jaw-dropping prices. is proud to bring VIGO to you, and we believe their products represent some of the best work currently on the market. Our carefully curated product offerings simply wouldn't be complete without VIGO's exceptional quality and style. Your kitchen and bathroom deserve the best. The deserve VIGO.

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