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VIG Furniture Inc. offers mid to high end contemporary, modern, transitional and classic italian home furnishings that are recognized for their innovative design, high quality, functionality, and, above all, competitive pricing. Enjoy the broad selection of styles, and a wide variety of customization options with their ever renewing catalog. With VIG Furniture, it is never just a furniture. It is a combinations of character and art.

Each of VIG Furniture is created with special attention given to them to ensure that each piece will meet customers' full satisfaction. If you are looking for a desk with a very modern design and yet durable, then you should definitely check out VIG Furniture desks that comes in brown and white color options with drawers and shelves. If you are looking for a dining bench that is elegant and comes with polished metal legs and leatherette upholstery, then once again VIG Furniture benches are ideal for you. Additionally, most VIG Furniture has carving details that proves their superiority over other furniture.

VIG furniture constantly strives to the next step in furniture design, efficiency, environmental responsibility and quality control. The company has surpassed the original goal of keeping up with current trends, by now becoming a trendsetter and tastemaker in its own right. Breaking into the market with Original designs by exclusive furniture designers, and manufacturers.

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Modrest Series Modrest Synergy Series Modrest San Marino Series Modrest Williamette Series Armani Xavira Series Modrest Yannis Series A&X Sovereign Series Modrest Aura Series Modrest Jett Series Divani Casa 4087 Series A & X Spiral Series Modrest Hera Series Modrest Rondo Series Modrest Ceres Series Divani Casa Phantom Series Divani Casa Polaris Series Modrest Robin Series A & X Regal Series A & X Bellagio Series Modrest Voco Series Modrest Dove Series Modrest Aludra Series Modrest Adderley Series Impera Series Divani Casa Taranto Series Modrest Ferris Series Divani Casa Tejon Series Modrest Frau Series Modrest Landon Series A & X Amelia Series Modrest Esso Series Versus Bella Series Modrest Ancona Series Modrest Arlene Series Divani Casa Belfast Series Nova Domus Alan Series A & X Stafford Series Divani Casa Series Modrest Picasso Series Divani Casa Pella Series A&X Series Modrest Kennedy Series Modrest Harmony Series Modrest Nobel Series A & X Skyline Series Modrest Lola Series Modrest Decatur Series A & X Imperial Series Divani Casa Clayton Series Divani Casa Quebec Series Modrest Maze Series Modrest Astoria Series Modrest Emulsion Series Modrest Bravo Series Modrest Medford Series Versus Emma Series Divani Casa Primrose Series A & X Horizon Series Modrest Geneva Series Divani Casa Hawthorn Series Versus Series Modrest Zenith Series A & X Ovidius Series Modrest Picasso Italian Series Divani Casa Graphite Series Modrest Daytona Series Modrest Crane Series Modrest Silas Series Divani Casa A94 Series Divani Casa Polaris Mini Series Modrest Altair Series Orwell Series

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