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Versonel is a brand of small appliances and specialty appliances. They offer a product line of innovative yet dependable appliances with style. Versonel appliances include a wide range of options including patio heaters, beer dispensers, ice makers, air purifiers, heaters, oil-free air fryers, and rice cookers among others. They're a relatively new contender in the market of specialty appliances headquartered from New Holland, Pennsylvania. The company started with humble beginnings with one goal in providing the best products at budget friendly price points. Versonel believes in creating specialty appliances that simply work as intended and for a long time. Additionally, Versonel wishes to push forth a high flair for design because their appliances will fit as a stylish accent piece for any home decor.

Versonel is committed to constantly provide new and exciting appliances. Their focus is on continually manufacturing some of the best quality portable and small appliances based on customer demands. Versonel employs a team to conduct extensive product research based on consumer needs. Additionally, Versonel ensure their appliances perform well for many years by utilizing an advanced testing system. They meticulously search for top quality materials and components to build a better product. Versonel is also the United States and Canadian Distribution partner for Versonel NightWatcher Robotic Security Lighting Products. They carry all Top LED NightWatcher Pro models and are continuing to grow the line with upgraded feature sets, reliability additions and enhanced connectivity.

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