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Verona is Italian company, manufacturing professional-style cooking appliances including ranges, cooktops, and built-in ovens. The brand focuses on producing durable, high-quality products for the ultimate cooking experience.

Verona offers ranges in different sizes and power configurations including gas, electric and dual fuel ranges. All Verona gas ranges provide a flame failure device, which cuts off the gas supply automatically if the flame goes out. Additionally, Verona gas ranges offer a turbo electric oven for faster, more even cooking, and an infrared broiler for professional style cooking performance. Verona lets you customize your range with the option to choose your oven handles, island trims, and your oven color (from four designer choices) to match your kitchen decor. Their electric ranges have a ceramic surface with high power burners to provide even heating to cook the perfect meal, every time. Select models provide dual elements and double ovens. Dual elements accommodate large pots and pans.

Verona offers single and double wall ovens with gas and electric power configuration options. All wall ovens are equipped with convection fan for even cooking and high-power broiling for the ultimate cooking experience. Additionally, Verona wall oven doors are constructed with durable glass, which stays cool to the touch even when the oven is on. Different models of Verona's electric wall ovens offer 6 to 8 cooking functions, to provide reliable high performance.

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