Since being founded in 1981 in Germany, Venta has been the premier manufacturer for portable air treatment machines. Their commitment to eliminate dry and dirty indoor air is unparalleled. Venta offers a full line of air purifiers, humidifiers, and hybrid models.

Their air purifiers use a dual filter technology with their proprietary VENTAcel Nelior Filter. This allows the machine to operate with maximum efficiency eliminating 99.5% of pollen, mold spores, pet dander, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, and other volatile organic compounds. When adding the optional VENTAcarb filter, it can eliminate gases and odors such as cooking smells, scents from gas stoves, kitchen garbage and more. This means Venta air purifiers operate far beyond HEPA standards. Such is the qualify of their air purification that it's trusted by organizations and companies that include NASA and Mercedes-Benz.

The capabilities of Venta humidifiers are no less robust. Unlike conventional humidifiers, these use cold evaporation technology which does not produce white dust. Chapped lips and dry skin will be a thing of the past as Venta humidifiers keep an your ideal humidity level with settings between 30% and 70% in 5% increments.

Venta portable air treatment machines are available in models that can operate in spaces as small as 200 square feet to an expansive 2,700 square. No matter what your air purification or humidification needs, there's a Venta model for you.

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