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Vaughan-Bassett Furniture

Ever since it was founded in 1919, the Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company has been an industry leader in high-quality wooden bedroom furniture. For nearly a century, Vaughan-Bassett has been producing beautiful, hand-crafted bedroom pieces out of the best materials available. Every piece is made from the finest wood solids, including pine, oak, maple, cherry, ash, poplar, birch and beech, and hand-assembled in Elkin, North Carolina and Galax, Virginia, where it was founded, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. With their unparalleled dedication to excellence in design and manufacture according to the best practices available, you can trust that every Vaughan-Bassett product meets the strictest standards of quality and durability. That's the Vaughan-Bassett promise.

And what's more, Vaughan-Bassett utilizes responsible business and environmental practices, and is a proud founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council. They work hard to replace every tree they cut down as part of their "One-for-One" program, donating over 150,000 maple, oak, ash, pine, poplar and applewood seedlings to Virginia Department of Forestry in 2007 alone. That's sustainability at it's best. And as a leader in the "Buy Local" movement, Vaughan-Basset sources 99% of it's lumber from within five-hundred miles of Galax, Virginia, profoundly reducing Vaughan-Basset's carbon footprint. All of this together means that Vaughan-Basset is a company you can feel good about supporting.

Vaughan-Basset - quality furniture, sustainable practices.

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