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Twin Star

Twin Star International is a developer and manufacturer of home furnishings. They are also the parent company to many brands including Classic Flame, Chimney Free and PowerHeat to name a few. Twin Star focuses on bringing innovative home furnishing ideas and products especially with their fire-less fireplaces. Twin-Star's claim to fame is offering new and original designs in heating products. Twin Star's world headquarters are based in Delray Beach, Florida and provides products and services for the North American market. Twin Star offers an extensive lineup of a variety of home furnishings which include the categories of electric heaters and furniture.

Twin Star is focused on some of the most diverse home furnishings on the market. They are thoroughly committed to using innovative technology in offering contemporary styled heaters that provide heat, but also offer a stylish decor. In addition, Twin Star uses only the finest hardwoods, wood veneers and finishes to exemplify a higher standard on their products. In addition to offering supplemental heat, Twin Star brand of electric heaters are also designed with user-friendly controls and aesthetic appeal to elevate the overall home d├ęcor. Some of their electric heaters are engineered to mimic real fireplaces with the realistic fire crackling sounds and emulated visuals of fire; since the fire is simulated, Twin Star electric heaters are safer to use.

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