Television Buying Guide


Television, the be all and end all of all things home entertainment. According to, tvtechnology (2013), 79% of all households in the world own a television set. The same study showed that nearly all households in developed countries own at least one television. Since the dawn of entertainment, humans were fascinated with images and since the advent of technology, moving images became the norm. The medium of television provided entertainment that is capable of reaching audiences on a global scale. Of course, television is not limited as just the box in which you receive mindless entertainment for hours on end, it is also one of the greatest mediums in which to receive information of various pertinence. The best thing about television is the visual impact; still images are good but moving images are better.

We are in a technological boom today. There is new technology released by the time your breakfast is ready and an upgrade for said new technology when youre sitting down to dinner. Most folks would consider a working television set being able to display correctly as sufficient. However, with technology, once weve grown accustomed to what was once considered a luxury quickly becomes the standard. Imagine watching TV on a black and white set? Its totally acceptable but is that any way to live?


Today, televisions come with new features to meet the demand of advancing technology such as Wi-Fi network connectivity. The following are features worth considering when buying a new television today.

Smart TV

Smart TV

A widely offered feature on newer television models, this feature means that it connects to your home Wi-Fi, as well as, having built in apps able to process such streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu.



Nowadays, television sets aren’t merely used for watching broadcast television. There are many other facets of entertainment like gaming systems, streaming media boxes and personal computers which can take advantage of any television set capable of supporting these peripherals. Worth nothing, if you don’t plan on purchasing extra HDMI adapters then make sure your new television set provides enough HDMI ports in relation to how many devices you plan on connecting to your TV.



Some would say that this is only a personal preference but it’s hard to go back to viewing standard definition television when high definition is more enjoyable.

1080p: considered the top of the line in terms of resolution but unfortunately most television broadcasts transmit in 720p resolution.

4K Ultra HD: Acclaimed as the newest advancement in television resolution.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate

Simply put, this is how many moving images are displayed and refreshed per second. The standard is 60Hz and the more Hz the better. The caveat is that it is subjective on an individual basis on how many frames per second a viewer can perceive through their own eyes.



Although this trend has never really taken off with home television sets, it’s still an option worth considering based on personal preference.

Purchasing a New Television Set

Family watching TV

Without a doubt, new technology can be confusing. Todays newest and latest televisions come with more new features and acronyms than you can shake a stick at. Here are some main concerns in regards to what is relevant with television technology on the market now.



As always, careful consideration to personal funds should be given when buying a new television set. Depending on size and features, an adequate television should cost around $500, but obviously for larger sized screens and the latest technology, expect to spend well over $1000.



The physical size of your television also will relate to the size of the viewable screen. Also worth considering is how much space is afforded in your living area, as well as, how comfortable of a viewing distance is provided.

Screen: The rule of the bigger the better applies here. Most experts agree that there is no discernable distinction with resolutions on screens smaller than 40” but most also recommend buying a larger screen if you can afford it as your primary TV.

Types of Television

Not merely a matter of personal preference, the type of television you decide is important in terms of functionality.




Just recently, plasma and CRT televisions have been phased out, in lieu of more efficient technology such as LCD and LED. Briefly speaking, this is visual content displayed as light from a technical aspect. The newest innovation is OLED.


Flat vs Curved

Flat vs Curved

As with the form of new television displays, the design has gone through changes such as how flat screens became prevalent over the more bulbous CRT style. The imposed new trend are new curved televisions with a slight inward bend.


Viewing Distance

TV Viewing Distance

There is a guideline for comfortable viewing distance with how far you plan on watching television. Typically, if you’re viewing television too close then the image appears too pixelated.

The Best Television Sets

There are many choices on new televisions. Here are some of the best new television sets on the market today as based on popular editorial reviews for your consideration.


The LG EF9500 OLED TV is considered “the best high-end tv” by cnet. Scoring perfect marks on their rating system in terms of design, features and performance, this television is perfect for those who have the money to afford it.


SAMSUNG UN50JU6500 50-INCH 4K ULTRA HD SMART LED TV is praised as being the “best budget 4K Ultra HD TV by tomsguide. The most attractive thing about this television is the affordability with the right amount of features.


Sharp AQUOS Q+ Series LC-70UQ17U scored high marks with cnet but especially in features. This high-end television offers a native 4K input for those ready to take a gamble on future-proofing for the advent of 4K Ultra HD becoming the norm.

Appliances Connection has an extensive catalog of all the latest and newest televisions with all popular brand names and a large selection of TV mounts & stands and accessories.

Some Practical Advice

New television sets should last a long time. If you’re not in the habit of replacing your set every couple of years, then here are some things worth considering. (As of April 2016)

4K Ultra HD: Although, having been around for over a decade, this resolution has recently started to be adopted into mass production in the television industry. Not all the same resolution specifications are created equally and depend on a brand by manufacturer basis. What is visually acceptable to one viewer may not be acceptable for the next. If you want your TV to support the next technological curve, then make sure to look for 4K Ultra HD specifications.

OLED: The latest offering in luminescent technology responsible for lighting up your television. Whether or not this appeals to you depends on how much you feel you need this right now. With being considered new technology, the price on new television sets with OLED is a little expensive at the moment. However, OLED has been praised to be able to achieve richer black levels and higher contrast ratios over other preceding light technology when it comes to picture quality.

Go big: Many experts in the field of television will persuade you to invest in a larger television for your main living space if you can afford it budget-wise, as well as, space-wise. Common sense dictates that if you can’t physically fit a large TV within your space provided then perhaps you should reconsider opting for a more size appropriate TV. However, I would have to agree that if you can comfortably accommodate and view a larger television then buy it.

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