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The Toto Neorest 750H Toilet - Indulgence in the Bathroom

The Toto Neorest 750H Toilet - Indulgence in the Bathroom

For more than a century, Toto has been a leader in the bathroom fixtures industry and has been shaping the bathroom experience. Their designs are specifically crafted for people who have higher standards. Toto is able to offer them the flawless function and oplulent extras in bathroom fixtures desired by those appointing top-tier homes.

The Toto MS993CUMFX01 Neorest 750H toilet is the current apex of their endeavors. With this toilet, Toto simply brings a futuristic look and an almost mind-boggling array of features that makes for a truly luxurious bathroom experience. It is a commode that intuitively responds to your every need, giving it the distinction of being an "intelligent toilet". Ready to elevate your life? Hold on.

Toto MS993CUMFX01 Stark

Revolutionary Features

The following are some of the highlights that make the Neorest 750H a toilet that can truly change one's view on what a bathroom experience should be.

Built-In Sensors - The Neorest has built-in sensors so that the toilet seat will automatically raise when someone enters the room and automatically close when they're done, for effortless use. The sensors will also make the toilet automatically flush, for those who are frustratingly absent-minded.

Universal Height

Universal Height - As with every other Toto commode, the height of the Neorest 750H has been specifically designed to be universally accessible, which means every member of the family is able to easily and comfortably use this luxury toilet. This also makes it ADA compliant.

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Heated Seat - The heated seat has a temperature setting perfect for you, from 82℉ to 97℉.

Washlet (Bidet and Dryer) - The water spray is able to gently cleanse one's underside. As well as adjusting the temperature settings, the spray-type can be set to steady or pulsating. Afterwards, there's a dryer function that can be set to a preferred temperature, so all one has to do when finished is to let this intelligent toilet finish its job.

Remote Control

Remote Control - The remote control for the Neorest 750H lets the user program their favorite commands, i.e. adjusting the seat, water, and dryer temperature. It also allows the user to adjust the stream of water. This sort of bespoke experience means feeling comfortable, fresh, and clean will never be a problem.

Pre-Misting - A fine spray of water dampens the bowl surface before use. This prevents waste from adhering to the interior.

Tornado Flush - Employs two high-pressure nozzles to create dual cyclonic action, cleaning the bowl using only between 1 and 1.28 gallons per flush. This meets both WaterSense and CalGreen standards.

ewater+ Rinse - Electrolyzed water is used in other applications as a disinfectant. After each flush of this toilet, the ewater+ system mists electrolyzed water to sanitize the bowl, reducing the need for harsh chemicals.

Actlight Technology - After every use, a lid-integrated UV light works in tandem with a zirconium photocatalystic glaze to further break down dirt and grime. This commode will rarely need to be cleaned by hand.

Toto MS993CUMFX01 Lifestyle

Unrivaled Toilet Experience

The Neorest 750H is able to provide users with the superior performance only top-rated toilets can provide, The Toto brand name is one that fully supports a luxurious bathroom experience, making Toto toilets the superior choice.

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