Tortuga Patio Furniture

Tortuga Outdoor is striving to be your single source for your outdoor patio furniture. Dedicated to producing high-quality furniture that can stand up to the tests both of time and of the elements, Tortuga has developed patio furniture in every style that's built to last. Quality wicker furniture has always been their first priority, and they've worked hard to develop the sort of wicker furniture that won't let you down. Tortuga Outdoor furniture is built on a sturdy, rust-proof aluminum frame. Lightweight and durable, these reinforced aluminum frames provide unparalleled stability, and these versatile pieces are great for formal or casual occasions. Meanwhile, their wicker furniture isn't made of traditional rattan, an organic material subject to decay, rot, wear, and splintering, but a synthetic wicker that's weather-friendly, and long-lasting. With only minimal care, these outdoor patio furniture pieces will last you for years and years, and are even treated with U-V stabilizers to prevent the colors from washing out in the sun.

In addition to wicker patio chairs, Tortuga offers a wide variety of products including weather-proofed rugs, weather-proofed pillows and cushions, glass- and travertine-topped tables, and other amazing products for your home, patio, or garden. Each of them is perfect for indoors and outdoor use, and made of the highest quality materials to ensure a long-lasting home accent that will serve you well into the future. Tortuga has become an industry leader in patio and outdoor furniture because they make the best, most durable patio furniture on the market today.

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