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Top Ten Storage Options for Wine Lovers

If you are a wine lover and enjoy collecting your favorites, you'll need a place to keep them nicely preserved. You'll need a wine cooler especially now when the holidays are only a few days away. Wine coolers keep your wine at an ideal serving temperature, so it's always ready to serve your guests. Whether you are a beginner at collecting wines or a wine enthusiast, we can offer you a great selection of wine coolers to store your wine safely.


Vinotemp's compact freestanding wine cooler is a great choice if you just started experimenting with wines. It takes a minimal space and can fit up to 12 bottles. It's a single zone cooler which has a single temperature sensor for the entire cooler. This means that its best to store just one type of wine (red or white). With LED display control you can manually set the temperature at a level that will be best for the type of wine you are storing. Soft glowing interior lighting ensures a clear visual through the glass door. The glass door provides UV protection for your wine to keep it from light. (Since the ideal storage for wine is a dark cellar). Pull-out wire shelves keep the bottles safe when pulling out one from the cooler. If you prefer a different bottle capacity, we have 6, 16, 18 bottle capacity wine coolers available in the same style.

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast's 14-inch freestanding wine cooler with 21 bottle capacity is another great option for small spaces. This design offers dual zones which means that you can set different temperatures in each compartment. This feature is ideal for storing red and white wines separately since they need to be cooled to different temperatures. This model provides exterior digital LED control to adjust a temperature for each compartment. The Pull-out shelves provide a great storage flexibility. If you need to store a bigger bottle, these shelves give you an opportunity to adjust it to your convenience.


Newair compact wine cooler is another alternative to dual zone wine cooler which offers bigger capacity than the one mentioned above. This 22-inch wine cooler offers the capacity to preserve 32 bottles of wine. Classic black and stainless steel design with wooden pull-out shelves gives you an easy access to your complete collection. With its side by side compartments and dual zone controls you can store as much red wine as white and set different temperatures for each compartment.

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Whirlpool offers a 24-inch capacity wine cooler with a beautiful design to match your kitchen decor. The design gives you an option to install it under the counter or just place it separately as a freestanding wine cooler. It's a single zone wine cooler providing generous space with 6 wood racks for storing up to 50 bottles of your favorite wine. With exterior electronic controls, you can adjust the temperature from 41 to 64F degrees. The alarm makes sure you are notified when the door is left open or the temperature gets too high. Plus, interior LED lighting gives you a clear visual of the entire storage.

GE Monogram

GE Monogram's wine cooler design provides a statement of style and flexibility. The flush design integrates seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry and creates a great built-in look when installed under the counter. The unfinished cherry wood shelves can also be finished to complement the surrounding cabinetry. Another design flexibility is the full extension sliding racks. It positions bottles horizontally or vertically to maximize the space. UV resistant glass door provides a clear visual of the entire wine collection without worrying about UV damage. The model features three temperature control settings. Custom temperature setting will allow you to adjust the temperature from 40F to 65F degrees. Red wine control setting provides a temperature of 55F degrees, which is optimum for the storage of red wines.


This wine cooler is perfect if you are a wine enthusiast who enjoys collecting a variety of wines. U-line offers 36-inch double door wine cooler that holds up 62 bottles. The model offers 14 full extension racks which are designed to provide optimal flexibility, allowing you to store a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Lower racks are ideal for storing champagne bottles since they require to be kept at lower temperatures than any other wines. It features an advanced cooling system that offers three different temperature modes so you can store red (55F to 65F), white (45F to 55F) and sparkling wines (38F to 50F). For a better wine preservation, the model also features rubber mounted compressor which eliminates vibrations. This is an important feature because stillness is essential for wine maturation. Another feature that makes sure your wine is safely preserved is UV resistant glass doors since UV lights can easily damage the wine by penetrating the glass.


If you are a big collector of wine who loves to display the collection, this model offers a large capacity with the precision cooling system and a beautiful built-in look to complement your decor. Kucht features 133 bottle wine cooler, making suitable for those looking for a triple zone cooler to store three different types of wine in separate compartments. The model offers a touch-key control panel for each door to adjust the temperature from 41 to 71F degrees, so you can set a different temperature in each compartment. Additionally, it provides a great fan cooling system for a balanced storage temperature. It also features cool LED lighting at every level, 6 adjustable slide-out racks for optimal flexibility, and a UV light protector glass to keep your wine safely preserved.


Sub-Zero offers a 30-inch built-in wine cooler with 15 racks that can fit up to 146 bottles. This model is equipped with all the latest features which will ensure the best conditions for your wine preservation. It has dual zones so you can store your reds and whites in the separate compartments at a different temperature. Roller-glide shelves glide smoothly to provide an easy access without shaking the bottle. UV resistant glass prevents the light from entering. Additionally, dual evaporators provide a great humidity control. Balance in humidity is essential for the wine bottle corks since a dry cork will allow an air to go inside the bottle and ruin the wine. You can literally protect your investment by home security system connection feature which enables you to link your wine cooler to your home security alarm.


Viking offers 30-inch professional style wine cooler with 150 bottle capacity. This design provides a versatile shelving system. All shelves are coated to keep the bottles from vibration and prevent from unnecessary movement. The model has two convertible shelves which give you an option to display your wine bottles vertically or horizontally. Additionally, shelves can be removed which enables you to store different sizes and shapes of bottles. Viking wine cooler has all the wine protection features mentioned above, but the difference is that it's more enhanced and provides much better protection. The example is a Tritemp Storage System. It provides three independent temperature zones and a fan for each zone, which allows for a true air circulation. Theres one control that allows you to precisely control all three zones. Similar to Sub-zero, Viking wine cooler can be connected to the home security system which alerts you in case the temperature fluctuates while you are away.


Thermador is one of the high-quality brands, which provides wine coolers with innovative designs and outstanding performance. So, if you are looking for quality wine coolers with precise temperature control, Thermador wine cooler is the right choice. Thermador's 24-inch dual zone wine cooler can hold up to 80 bottles of wine. It's designed to fit perfectly flush and can be beautifully integrated with your kitchen cabinetry with custom paneling. The model provides all the enhanced features that can preserve your valuable collection with maximum safety. It provides an ideal constant temperature and humidity control for the maturation of your favorite collection.

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