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Pro-Picks | Top 10 24-Inch Ranges

Top Ten 24-Inch Ranges for 2020 from Appliances Connection

Picking the right range requires you to think about key factors like how often you cook and what your spatial limitations are. We've written a number of articles on how to choose the perfect range for you, including a recent Pro v. Standard Ranges article. Once you've narrowed down the type of range you want, it's time to pick the specific product you're going to buy. We've compiled a list of our top ten pro-picks for 24-inch ranges to help you choose.

The Range for Small Living and City Living

Cities are the most densely populated places in the world. To accommodate for their periodic exponential population growth spurts, most city homes and apartments are small-- too small to comfortably fit a large pro-sized range. Thankfully, the industry has progressed to the point where city dwellers can purchase smaller appliances that still pack the same powerful punch when it comes to performance.

Check out these great cooking range recommendations from Appliances Connection for 24-inch ranges.

Our Expert Picks for 24-Inch Ranges

24-Inch Ranges are a go-to choice for small homes, city apartments, and other tiny living spaces. Granted, a smaller range will come with fewer burners, but the size lets you have more room and encourages you to be more resourceful. Most 24" ranges have four burners, which is plenty of room for the avid home cook.

We've been in the business for over two decades and we've picked up a few things along the way. We used our high standard of performance and our knowledge of the indusrty's best features to compile the list below of our favorite 24-inch ranges of this year for you!

The Bertazzoni MAS244GASXE Range

Bertazzoni MAS244GASXE

This range is from Bertazzoni's Master Series. It has four high efficiency burners for a 30% faster boil, and a convenient storage drawer. It also has a wok ring and simmer plate and a gas for greater culinary versatility. Additionally, one of the cons of a 24-inch range is the small oven capacity, but this range has a European Convection oven that's large enough to accommodate a 30 lb turkey! The range also has soft-close doors with a unique multi-layer glass door that ensures minimal heat loss and optimal visibility inside the oven cavity.

BlueStar RNB244BV2

BlueStar has some of the most diverse range options on the market-- even for the often limited 24-inch ranges! You can get a BlueStar 24-inch range that is a gas range with open burners, a French top cooktop, and even a char broiler cooktop. We chose to feature the most popular option, the BlueStar 24-inch gas range. BlueStar ranges are available with custom color and trim additions that let you match your range to your distinct style. This 24-inch range has four cast iron porcelain-enameled NOVA and ULTRANOVA burners. These give you a powerful BTU range of 15,000 to 22,000 for rapid boiling and fast sauteing. The range also has a simmer capability a low as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The range also has an infrared broiler that is fully recessed into the top of the oven.

The BlueStar RNB244BV2 Range
The Blomberg BERU24102SS Range

Blomberg BERU24102SS

Our next pro pick is a Blomberg 24-inch electric range. Blomberg is great because it gives you all the features you need at a pretty affordable price given the quality and performance you'll be getting. This range has a convection oven with an easy-to-clean enameled interior. It also has a digital display and residual heat indicators for increased safety. This Blomberg 24-inch range also has heavy racks, so you don't have to worry about bounce back when lifting heavy pans. The storage drawer on the range also has great easy glide racks for added convenience. The storage drawer is a crucial design element because you can never have enough storage spaces in a small kitchen. A 24-inch range with a storage drawer is a direct solution to the storage space problem that many consumers in small kitchens face. That's why it's one of our favorite features on a 24-inch range.

Smeg C24GGXU

Although Smeg is known their high-quality retro-style appliances, this Smeg 24-inch range is professionally inspired and modern. It is made of the most versatile and widely used stainless steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion for incredible durability. The gas oven has three cooking modes: a broil mode, a defrost mode, and a gas convection mode. The 24-inch range also has a removable air-cooled triple glazed door and an Ever-Clean enameled oven interior-- both of which contribute to how easy this range is to maintain. This ranges also has four burners of varying BTU strength and a wok ring.

The Smeg C24GGXU Range
The Avanti DER242BS Range

Avanti DER242BS

The Avanti Elite Series 24-inch Range has four electric heating elements with varying heat outputs. The cooktop surface is made of black glass that is sleek and easy to clean. The range has a broil and bake oven with two oven racks and a switch controlled oven light. It also has one of our favorite 24-inch range features-- a storage drawer! The drawer lets you keep all your essential kitchen tools within reach. The 24-inch range also features a splashguard and a waist-high broiler for ease of use.

Fisher Paykel OR24SDMBGX2

The highlight of the 24-inch range from Fisher & Paykel is the oven. It is not particularly large at 1.9 cu. ft., but it makes up for that in its incredible versatility. The oven has four modes: bake, broil, defrost and convection bake. The oven has a double-glazed door to keep the heat in. The oven and the cooktop both have a flame failure protection feature for increased safety when in use. The cooktop is make of a single piece of stainless steel that contains all spills so it's easy to clean. The oven door is also easy to clean because it can be removed! The versatility of the oven's modes is reflected in the cooktop as well. The five burners offer a range of cooking power that let you go from a gentle simmer to a high wok-worthy heat output.

THe Fisher Paykel OR24SDMBGX2 Range
The GE JGAS640RMSS Range


No list of top appliances would be complete without a showing by GE. This freestanding stainless steel gas range is functional beauty in a small package. Its svelte profile would be the pride of any galley kitchen. On the lavish porcelain-enamel cooktop, you'll find four burners. These are sealed for even flames and easy cleaning. The right rear burner is only capable of 5,000 BTUs so it'll normally be used for reducing a roux or keeping a stew warm. The right front, though, can put out a blazing 15,000 BTUs which is perfect for searing a lamb shank. When the door to the deceptively small seeming oven is opened, a spacious 2.9 cu ft cavity in becoming incandescent blue grey is revealed. Two nickel racks can be placed in four positions so whether you're baking a rhubarb pie or finishing a ribeye steak with the broiler, this oven has settings to suit.

Tecnogas Superiore RN241GPSS

This Tecnogas Superiore 24-inch range, part of the brand's Next Series, has the largest viewing window of all our pro picks in this post. The oven also has two halogen lights for optimal visibility. This also helps with heat retention because you won't have to open the door of the oven to check on your food. Every part of this range is designed with a purpose-- that's what makes it one of our favorites of the year. The main burner ports on the cooktop are inclined to hit the bottom of your pots to minimize heat loss. The burners are also made of brass to limit erosion from heat and daily use. The cooktop has a simmer ring and a wok ring for culinary versatility. Additionally, this 24-inch range also has a convection oven with multiple fans to prevent flavor contamination when cooking multiple dishes at the same time.

The Tecnogas Superiore RN241GPSS Range
The Ilve UPN60DVGGAX Range


If you're looking for something more vintage and rustic, this Ilve 24-inch range may be the one for you. Ilve, like BlueStar, lets you customize your range with custom color and trim options. This range is part of Ilve's Nostalgie Series and is reminiscent of an old-world Italian stove. Despite it's rustic look, this 24-inch range comes equipped with some powerful features like heavy-duty continuous cast iron grates, a wok ring, a flame failure safety feature that turns off the gas automatically when your flame goes out. This range also has a built in warming drawer with ball-bearing glides that draws heat from the range, so it doesn't use any additional energy. The oven is capable of host of cooking modes, including convection bake, convection broil, grill-baking, and infrared broiler cooking.

Haier HCR2250AGS

This Haier 24-inch range is another affordable option that's small but mighty. It has professionally-inspired heavy duty continuous cast iron grates, a triple ring burner for high heat, and a BTU range of 5,000 to 18,000. This Haier range has a convection oven with a rear fan that helps the air circulate in the oven cavity. The oven is capable of convection baking, standard baking, and broiling. It has two racks with five rack position to accommodate the size of your bakeware. The interior glass door on this 24-inch range is removable to allow for easy cleaning and the bright halogen lights increase your visibility. let you see into the oven window to check on your food without opening the door and allowing the heat to escape.

The Haier HCR2250AGS Range

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