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Top 5 Cool Refrigerator Features You Should Know About

Top 5 Cool Refrigerator Features You Should Know About

Appliances are consistently innovating and adding new features to units to improve the consumer's quality of life. There are cool (pun intended) new features in refrigerators that deserve your attention-- especially if you're considering buying a new fridge now. Here's a look at the top five refrigerator features and the products they're in.

Built-in Keurig

GE Profile has come out with the PYE22PMKES fridge with a builtin Keurig Coffee system and hot water dispenser that can be scheduled via the GE Kitchen App.

Coffee lovers will all agree that the day doesn't begin without that first hot cup of joe. What if you could brew your favorite blend and get started on breakfast at the same time, from the same place? Well, GE decided to answer that question when they put a Keurig machine inside of their GE Profile PYE22PMKES Refrigerator. The convenience of a Keurig can now be accessed through a simple attachment on your refrigerator. It doesn't interfere with the fridge's cooling system, so you don't have to worry about temperature control problems. The external dispenser also produces hot water, which can be scheduled at anytime from anywhere in the house via the GE Kitchen App on your mobile phone.

The GE Profile PYE22PMKES Refrigerator has a built in Keurig system with an attachment to put your favorite k-cups to use right from your fridge.

"Smart Fridge" Features

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has big touch screen panel that lets you use WiFi and widgets to listen to music, order groceries, see your daily schedule, display photos and more.

In this new day and age, many of carry incredible feats of engineering and innovation in the palms of our hands-- literally. Smart-technology fuels our phones and allows us to do more, connect with people farther away, and upgrade our standard of living. Samsung has applied that same technology to one of the most used and most important appliances in your home, your refrigerator. The fridge is the culinary hub: it holds the ingredients, the finished meal, the leftovers, the drinks, and all the sides for each culinary masterpiece. Samsung made it into the aptly named, "Family Hub." The Family Hub Refrigerator from Samsung lets you play music, watch movies, check your calendar, write notes, check the weather, pin your favorite family photos, and even doodle.

No time to buy groceries this week? The Samsung RF22K9581SG Family Hub Refrigerator lets you order exactly what you need right from the touch screen on your refrigerator.

The fridge is WiFi-enabled and has 4 GB of memory for storage. Aside from the aforementioned features, you can also order groceries from apps right from the refrigerator. It also has a camera on the inside so you can see exactly what you need to pick up from the grocery store, and it tells you when the food is going to expire. This smart RF28K9580SG Family Hub Refrigerator from Samsung literally does it all and is currently in a category all its own.

Self-Filling Pitcher

The GE GE GAS18PSJSS Refrigerator is a top-freezer model with a built in 74-oz. water pitcher that is automatically kept full, cool, and ready.

GE takes the convenience of a filtered pitcher to a whole new level by making the pitcher part of the fridge. This model is also a symbol of the old clich, "Don't judge a book by its cover," because it's cover is pretty standard and therefore deceiving. The GE GAS18PSJSS Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator comes in the common top-freezer refrigerator design, but the self-filling pitcher is a feature you don't see often. The 74 oz. pitcher slides into place on the top shelf and fills up in a little under a minute.

The water is always cold and the pitcher is always full so it's perfect for family dinners and get-togethers. The filtration system on the fridge is much faster than any independent filtered pitcher on the market so you'll get great results in half the time of a Brita or Pur pitcher.

Auto-Fill Feature

The GE Profile PYE22KSKSS Refrigerator lets you be a multi-tasker in the kitchen. Simply place the cup or pot under the external water dispenser and walk away- the fridge auto-detects when the container is full.

This next feature is really convenient for the frequent host and busy cook because it lets you multi-task in the kitchen. The GE Profile PYE22KSKSS Refrigerator is a French-Door fridge with an external water dispenser that will automatically stop filling the container you choose once it senses that it's full-- that's right, senses. You can place your cup, pot, or pan under the dispenser and walk away to do something else with the knowledge that the water will not overflow. There's also an extendable panel to accommodate larger pans.

The PYE22KSKSS Fridge from GE has an extendable base panel that accomodates larger sized pots and pitchers.

Sparkling Water Dispenser

Samsung RF31FMESBSR French-Door Fridge has a built-in chilled sparkling, or still water dispenser that is powered by SodaStream.

One of the places were manufacturers can get creative on a refrigerator is the water dispenser. It can be an internal water dispenser or an external water dispenser, with cold or hot water. We've already mentioned a coffee dispenser option, but did you know there's also a sparkling water dispenser feature on select refrigerator models? The Samsung RF31FMESBSR French-Door Fridge has a built-in chilled sparkling, or still water dispenser that's powered by SodaStream.

The Samsung RF31FMESBSR French-Door Refrigerator can dispense both still and sparkling water.

The SodaStream carbonators can be easily replaced and are available in 10,000 locations so you can grab a new one when you need it with ease. This refrigerator and the aforementioned GE & Keurig combo unit, both have the added advantage of being space savers by combining two functions in one.

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