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Stackable Washer and Dryer Sets - Top 5 for 2019

Stackable Washer and Dryer Sets - Top 5 for 2019

No one relishes the prospect of lugging clothes to the local laundromat even in the best of circumstances. However, as living spaces shrink, it's becoming increasingly difficult finding space for washers and dryers at home. That's why you need to think vertically. Stacked laundry halves the footprint of washer and dryer pairs that might otherwise be placed side-by-side. Let's go through the five best stackable washer and dryer sets for 2019


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Asko 24-Inch Stackable Set

Asko 24-Inch Stackable Washer and Dryer Pair

Asko's first foray into laundry appliances almost reads like a storybook. A young Swedish boy built a washing machine to ease his mother's workload. In the intervening years, they've been striving to ease the lives of everyone as evidenced by this stackable washer and dryer set.

Though it has a deceptively slim profile, this Asko W6124XW 24-Inch Front Load Washer from the Style Series boasts a more than adequate 2.8 cu ft capacity. It makes good use of this space with an array of 24 wash cycles. It has the modes you'd expect from your more pedestrian dryer such as heavy, rinse, spin, and drain. However, it sets itself apart, though, with cycles unique to this brand and model. The Bedding cycle uses copious amounts of water and additional rinse cycles to remove detritus and mites. Do you have waterproof or microfiber clothing that's susceptible to melting in high heat? The Conditioning cycle is perfect as it uses a short cold wash and a gentle tumble. If you're short on time, the Quick PRO program will wash smaller amounts of clothing within an hour.

The drum in this washer is constructed from sturdy stainless steel and with its maximum spin speed of 1,400 RPMs it needs to be reined in. That's why it's supported by Asko's Quattro Construction, which consists of four legs with powerful shock absorbers and a galvanized steel base. This keeps the entire structure stable and the noise output between 53 and 74 dBA, meaning at 20 ft away, you'll barely know it's running. This construction has the added benefit of extending the unit's overall lifespan.

The Asko T611VUW Style Series 24-Inch Electric Dryer has a 5.1 cu ft interior which can fit comforters and other bulky bedding. 15 varied cycles means this unit can handle drying all types of fabrics thoroughly without getting them over-desiccated and crispy. Although cycles such as Auto Dry are able to handle standard fare, such settings are not always capable of getting the job done with more absorbent material. Do you have a bunch of beach towels that are saturated from your washer? The Terry cycle can save you from repeatedly throwing them back in the dryer.

When it comes to more compact dryers, bundled and knotted clothing can sometimes be an issue. Asko addresses this with their unique Butterfly Drying System, utilizing ball bearings to move loads in a figure eight motion and keep item separated. Together with Soft Drum Technology paddles, your butterfly drying system lifts laundry as high as possible to improve overall airflow. This works well in conjunction with the Bedding cycle which adjusts drum rotation to keep large items from tangling.


LG 27-Inch Stackable Set

LG 27-Inch Stackable Washer and Dryer Pair

LG products have become some of the most technologically advanced in the industry. In the mid-20th Century, LG took up the challenge of domestically producing electronics in South Korea. They soon branched out into major appliances including laundry machines. Since then, they've established themselves as one of the top-tier appliance brands in the world.

The LG WM4370HWA 27-Inch Front Load Washer with its 4.5 cu ft interior is the epitome of efficiency, built with a Direct Drive Motor that uses minimal moving parts. It doesn't take much for this unit to run its 14 wash programs, including standard cycles such as Normal, Speed Wash, and Heavy Duty. While this powerful 1,300 RPM washer can clean plenty of loads, LG came to realize that it can't be as effective as possible if the tub isn't clean in the first place With the TubClean cycle, your washer sterilizes its tub with high pressure jets of water at up to 149 degrees F ensuring your clothing and bedding gets as clean as possible. It also prevents unpleasant odors. Forgot your keys in your pants pocket? The Add Garments option allows you to pause a cycle, open your washer door to add or remove items, then continue the cycle as normal afterwards.

Additionally, several wash cycles can be used in concert with TurboWash. TurboWash implement high-pressure nozzles that shave up to 30 minutes off each load without sacrificing cleaning performance. Even more savings can be had with ColdWash technology that uses cold water and six unique washing motions to penetrate fabrics as effectively as warm water. As a result of all these energy-efficient, water-saving, this unit has an excellent EnergyStar rating.

Further reduce your time doing laundry with the LG DLEX4370W 27-Inch Electric Dryer that sports a spacious 7.4 cu ft capacity for massive amounts of clothing. From delicate linen to durable sportswear, this unit safely and effectively dries all types of material with its 14 Sensor Dry wash programs. The Sensor Dry system measures moisture levels within your dryer and adjusts the cycle's time and temperature accordingly. In this way your clothes are protected from remaining wet or being damaged from over drying. Some items such as dry clean only clothing cannot be put in a washing machine. For this reason, LG included a SteamSanitary cycle which quickly refreshes and sanitizes using steam. This means you can extend the time you can wear certain clothes before making a trip to the dry cleaner.


Fisher & Paykel 24-Inch Stackable Set

Fisher & Paykel Stackable Washer and Dryer Pair

Founded and still based in the small archipelago nation of New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel by necessity had to cater to a population that demanded efficiency and sustainability. As they expanded into the global market and, more recently, entered into the realm of high luxury, they never forgot their roots.

Fisher & Paykel felt more could be done to give your clothes a comprehensive cleaning than a simple tumble wash. With 13 wash cycles and a max speed of 1,400 RPM, this compact 2.4 cubic-foot interior Fisher & Paykel WH2424P1 24-Inch Front Load Washer can administer a deep cleaning to virtually any fabric. A special Sanitize cycle is featured in this unit, using very hot water to kill dust mites and remove residual detergent. The latter is particularly nice perk because there are people that can be quite sensitive to cleaning chemicals.

You might be wondering about the specifics of how this washer achieves such a deep clean. It's all thanks to Fisher & Paykel's WashSmart process in this particular line of washers. First, the tub will fill with enough water and an adequate amount of detergent to completely saturate your clothes. Next, this sudsy water flows through the garments and into a specially designed portal. The energy-saving EcoActive portal design recirculates water back onto your clothes in a cascade effect, rapidly boosting soil removal and completely dissolving detergent. After four minutes of recirculation, the washer fills with enough water to suspend clothing in the detergent solution. Finally, agitation will move soil away from your garments, ensuring residual dirt elements do not remain on them.

Like the previously mentioned washer, this 4.0 cubic-foot interior Fisher & Paykel DE4024P1 24-Inch Electric Dryer is crafted for the total removal of unwanted elements. With 15 dry cycles that include Air Dry, Bulky, and Perm Press, this unit can handle everything from dainty dresses to king sized bedsheets. Equipped with condensing technology, this unit removes water from the dryer into a removeable tank. The tank can subsequently be emptied into a drain or bucket for disposal. This means the dryer is ventless and doesn't require any ductwork. Finally, Anti-Vibration geometric designs on the side of these dryers as well as drum insulation minimize operational vibrations. These dryers can be installed on the second floor of a home without being a nuisance to people on the first floor.


Electrolux 27-Inch Stackable Set

Electrolux 27-Inch Stackable Washer and Dryer Pair

Electrolux brings the Scandinavian sensibility of pre-eminent practicality to all the appliances they manufacture. Their laundry machines are certainly no different.

If you're in the market for a flexible washer that can accommodate your ever-changing laundry needs, this 4.3 cu ft capacity Electrolux EFLS527UIW 27-Inch Front Load Washer is the answer. While it doesn't have as many wash cycles as other brands, this unit contains numerous other specialty functions that make up for it. To aid each of this washer's nine cycles is an Adaptive Dispenser. Detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and even pods have their own discrete compartments. The correct amount of each is pre-mixed with the washing water. This the entire load is exposed to uniform amounts of cleaning solution and everything gets completely clean. If you need to deal with notoriously tough stains such as chocolate, blood, or wine, a StainTreat II wash option is available. This option optimizes temperature, tumbling actions, and cycle time for unparalleled stain-fighting action.

When your dryer has 8.0 cu ft of capacity, it's imperative that it's capable of eliminating even the smallest pockets of moisture. To this end, the Electrolux EFMG527UIW 27-Inch Gas Dryer comes with an intuitive LuxCare Dry System. That way, you're not stuck guessing if any of the eight cycles at your disposal are enough for your load. Other drying units with sensors require moist clothes to directly touch the sensor in order to adjust their settings. In contrast, the LuxCare Dry System's sensor detects humidity levels throughout your dryer drum. As a result, you won't have to restart cycles because your wet clothes managed to avoid detection.

If you're in a rush, this model comes with numerous quick drying features and programs including an 18-Minute Fast Dry for smaller loads. Electrolux's Perfect Steam mode aids the dryer in releasing dirt, eliminating wrinkles, and reducing static to keep clothes looking neat and presentable. Simply activate your unit's Instant Refresh cycle to do all this in as short as 10 minutes. As was said earlier, this Electrolux dryer may not have the same array of functions as the other brands and models here, but what is does it does extremely well and allows it to stand tall among the competition.


Miele 24-Inch Stackable Set

Miele 24-Inch Stackable Washer and Dryer Pair

Miele is a German company that's been in the appliance game for a staggering 120 years. In that time, they have developed a reputation for manufacturing appliances that reflect the same enduring quality. They test their washers and dryers with the equivalent of 20 years of use, making no compromises when it comes to the reliability and durability of their products.

The 2.26 cubic-foot interior Miele WWF060WCS 24-Inch Front Load Washer distinguishes itself from the outset with a beautiful enameled front. This affectation is not merely skin also makes the unit scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, alkaline-resistant, impervious to acids, easy to clean, and color-fast. Operating at a vigorous 1,600 RPM, water is permeates your entire load without missing a single garment. What this washer lacks in drum space, it more than makes ups for with 15 powerful wash programs. Aside from your standard normal and express cycles, Miele included a special Proofing cycle that treats microfiber fabrics. During this cycle, items like microfiber tablecloths or outerwear are infused with a proofing agent. Afterwards, they're heat treated in dryer allowing the agent to set. When all this is completed, your microfiber items are newly water and stain resistant.

Using Automatic Load Control, loads are analyzed to ensure only the minimum necessary amounts of water and energy are used. There is no need to be concerned that such low operating requirements will result in subpar cleaning. The Honeycomb drum surface is sculpted in a hexagonal pattern, so garments glide easily on a thin film of water, protecting your fabrics while thoroughly washing them.

With 4.1 cubic feet of drum space and up to 18 drying cycles, the Miele TWI180WP 24-Inch Electric Dryer is versatility defined. Whether you're drying denim pants or bulky drapes, there are few jobs this unit can't take on. Most notable about this unit is Miele's unique Heat-pump technology. Heat-pump technology condenses humidity, reheats the air, and recycles it back into the dryer. Less humidity means faster results and a lower risk of over drying, which unravels and warps fine clothing materials.

While you're at it, imbue your bedding with lovely scents that last up to four weeks using FragranceDos. FragranceDos capsules come in a variety of scents and are placed directly into the fluff filter. Once the capsule is placed inside, simply turn the dial meter to adjust the intensity of the fragrance you want your clothes to have. Each capsule can be used for up to 50 loads.

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