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Stackable Washer and Dryer Sets - Top 5 for 2018

With population density increasing at a breakneck pace, usable interior space in homes is at a premium. When it comes to laundry appliances, cues are being taken from urban building design and people are looking to configure vertically. By stacking a washer and dryer, you immediately halve the base footprint required to do laundry. Even in homes with space to spare, the preference is tending toward this setup. Dedicated laundry rooms are being repurposed for other uses. To help you along, here are Appliances Connection's top 5 picks for stackable washer and dryer sets for 2018.

Bosch 24 Inch Stackable Set

Bosch has consistently spent decades as one of the top three household appliance manufacturers in the world. They've done this by offering uncompromising quality, technical perfection, and absolute reliability. This 500 Series washer/dryer set closely hews to those standards. The WAT28401UC 500 Series Front Load Washer has a svelte 24-inch width but boasts a spacious 2.2 cu ft capacity. As with all Bosch washers and dryers, this is enclosed by a one-piece stainless steel drum that will protect and extend the life of all your clothing and linens. It's powered by an EcoSilence motor that can spin the drum up to 1400 RPM for more power and better cleaning while being quiet and efficient. This allows the use of its SpeedPerfect mode which will clean a load up to 25% faster than competitors' washers. The corresponding WTG86401UC 500 Series Electric Dryer has a 4.0 cu ft capacity that can accommodate up to a hefty 17.6 lbs - the equivalent of up to 18 towels in one load. It uses the latest technology of Condensation Drying which condenses the moisture in the hot air throughout the drying cycle and drains it with the rest of the excess water, alleviating the need for ducting or a blower. Integral to the stackability of this set is the need for only one electrical line to run both appliances which allows for easy installation. This Bosch 500 series set proves that you don't need to sacrifice capability for compactness.

Bosch 24 Inch Stackable Set
Electrolux 27 Inch Stackable Set

Electrolux 27 Inch Stackable Set

Electrolux has long been the stalwart of the home appliance field and it's made apparent with this Luxcare washer/dryer set. The EFLW427UIW LuxCare Series 27 Inch Front Load Washer can clean a king-sized comforter with ease in its 4.3 co ft stainless steel drum. Its LuxCare Wash System will thoroughly clean every load by combining improved wash actions, temperature control, and smart load sensing. At your fingertips you have seven wash cycles - normal, heavy duty, whitest whites, 20-minute fast wash, delicates, rinse & spin, and clean washer - which will meet any of your cleaning needs. Additionally, you can choose the StainTreat option that calibrates the perfect temperature, tumbling actions, and cycle types to delicately but completely remove any stains you might encounter. The washer implements a Perfect Balance system to automatically stabilize loads for smooth, quiet operation even on the second floor or near bedrooms without any bothersome noise or vibration. The EFME417SIW LuxCare Series 27 Inch Electric Dryer is equally impressive with its cavernous 8.0 cu ft capacity - the largest in the 27-inch range. You'll be able to choose from seven different cycles which will tailor operations whether you need to dry anything from delicates to bulky items. When you're on the go, you also have the option of a 20-minute fast dry cycle. Toss your clothes you need into the dryer, go through the rest of your preparation routine, and they'll be ready when you are. Even with all these features, the washer and dryer were able to attain Energy Star's "Most Efficient" designation for their classes.

LG 27 Inch Stackable Set

Always at the vanguard of innovation, LG continues the trend with this 27-inch washer/dryer set. The WM3770HWA 27 Inch Front Load Washer is a curvaceously styled machine with a copious 4.5 cu ft capacity. Its powerful Direct Drive Motor allows for up to 1300 RPMs. Tempered by TurboWash technology that employs high-pressured nozzles, you can effectively wash your laundry and save an average of 20 minutes per load. It's not all brute force with 11 standard wash programs - cotton/normal, perm press, delicates, speed wash, TubClean (removes detergent buildup and other residue from the drum), bulky/large, Allergiene (more on that in a moment), heavy duty, BrightWhites, and towels. Can you not find a setting you need? You've the option to download additional cycle profiles for virtually anything you need to wash. Nothing goes to waste with the Steam option. This puts to use the steam that's a natural byproduct of a wash cycle and deeply penetrates fabrics to eliminate dirt, odors, and wrinkles. With the aforementioned Allergeine wash program, the washer will use extremely hot steam to destroy and wash out allergens without harm to fabrics as can be the result after total immersion in exceedingly hot water. The complementary DLEX3900W 27 Inch Electric Dryer hails from LG's robust SteamDryer series. You'll be able to dry even the most unwieldy-seeming batch of jeans and towels with its 7.4 cu ft capacity. Its Sensor Dry system automatically measures moisture levels and load to set the optimal drying time. It has capabilities more than mere drying. Steam Fresh lets you quickly freshen up and remove wrinkles from up to five lightly-worn garments in minutes. SteamSanitary will sanitize pillows, plush toys, etc. even if they're marked as "non-washable". Both the washer and dryer can use LG's proprietary Smart Diagnosis technology. This allows you to determine any faults with your appliances without having to contact an LG representative. Click here for more details. Yet another example of LG keeping on the cutting edge of appliance advancements.

LG Stackable
Whirlpool Stackable

Whirlpool 27 Inch Stackable Set

With over a century under its belt, the title of most time-honored appliance manufacturer of this lot certainly belongs to Whirlpool. Through this they've successfully straddled tradition and foresight as can be seen with this duo. With its 5.0 cu ft capacity, the WFW8620HC 27 Inch Front Load Washer can handle almost any large load you throw at it. The washer's not only able to accommodate you in the way of volume, but does all it can to optimize your efficiency. The Load & Go reservoir hold enough detergent for 12 loads so you can throw your laundry in, adjust the settings, and everything's ready to go. This works in tandem with the Precision Dispense feature which releases and mixes detergent with water at the ideal time in the cycle to more completely permeate fabrics and eliminate the need for pretreating. Dovetailing it all is Adaptive Wash technology that senses the needs of each load and adapts wash actions for a thorough clean while keeping colors vibrant. You couldn't ask for this washer to be better paired than with the WED8620HC 27 Inch Gas Dryer. The 7.4 cu ft drum makes for effortless transfer of your freshly washed load. Once there, your laundry will be cradled by quad baffles that are shorter and more staggered than in other dryers. With this simple yet unique layout, larger items will dry more evenly while smaller items are kept tumbling and not over drying by getting caught up in the baffles. Used with the three built-in sensors that make up the Advanced Moisture Sensing system, the dryer will constantly monitor moisture levels and end a cycle only when its contents are perfectly dry. Whirlpool has learned from its long experience to anticipate its loyal customers' needs.

Samsung 27 Inch Stackable Set

Samsung's history in major appliance manufacturing is barely a blip on the timeline. Since its recent inception, though, it's become an absolute juggernaut with a whopping 18% of US market share. It's done this by applying its commitment to excellence in the high-tech field and it shines through in this washer/dryer set. The WF45M5500AW 27 Inch Front Load Washer makes a striking first impression in rich azure blue and makes an even better second impression with its huge 4.5 co ft capacity. The impressive Direct Drive Motor can spin the drum up to 1300 RPM while implementing VRT Plus technology for 40% more vibration reduction and quiet wash cycles. For even more effective cleaning the Samsung features Steam Wash. Unlike other washers which emit steam from above, this model logically introduces steam from the bottom of the tub where it rises and saturates every iota of fabric, removing all traces of odor and dirt. In between washes, you can use the Self Clean+ option that, through a combination of soaking and high-speed spinning, keeps the drum fresh and clean without the use of harsh chemicals. A fresh laundry drum means fresh clothing and linens. Just as capable is the matching DVG45M5500W 27 Inch Gas Dryer. Its substantial 7.5 co ft capacity will help expedite laundry day as you'll be able to dry everything in far fewer loads. It sports ten dry cycle presets, four temperature settings, and four dry levels so it's guaranteed that you'll have a selection that dries everything to your satisfaction. The dryer makes further strides to be utterly foolproof with Sensor Dry which detects the need for each individual load and will set the temperature and drying time accordingly. Like the LG, this Samsung washer/dryer set also has an exclusive smart self-diagnostic system called Smart Care. For more information on its use, click here.

Samsung Stackable

No longer available in blue.