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Top 5 Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers

Top 5 Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers

As the frigid depths of winter chill to the bone, we know you're dreaming wistfully of warmer seasons. Languorously lounging in the warm sun sounds blissfully idyllic. But wait. As the summer afternoon wends on, the once balmy sunshine starts beating down with an angry, blistering heat. The temperature crescendos to an almost unbearable degree and you crave respite. It's too much of an effort to get up and go to the kitchen for a cooling drink. Fortunately, you'd prepared for this moment months before. You picked up the appliance that will be your savior from the searing sunlight. You reach over to your patio island and pull open your outdoor undercounter drawer refrigerator and retrieve a delightfully frosty beverage. You take a sip and sigh with relief. Which refrigerator did you pick? Snap out of your reverie and back into the present. Let us show you the five best outdoor undercounter drawer refrigerators of 2018 to help you stave off the summer heat that's just around the corner.

SP6DS2DOS7 Summit 24" Outdoor Drawer Refrigerator

SP6DS2DOS7 Summit Outdoor Drawer Refrigerator

As discussed in a previous piece about indoor refrigerator drawers, they can cost a princely sum because of their novelty. As outdoor models are built to be more rugged so as to withstand the elements, they can be even more expensive. For those who don't have a limitless budget, Summit offers this model that lets you outfit your porch or patio without spending a fortune. Even with the reasonable price, it's built to NSF-7 and UL standards that rates it at commercial-grade. It is an all-refrigerator unit with a total capacity of 3.1 cu ft. The new two-drawer design that smoothly glides open and closed makes for convenient storage and access. It has an automatic defrost system that ensures easy user maintenance without having to periodically chip away at built-up rime with an icepick. The cabinet if fully finished in glossy stainless steel so that it can be used as a freestanding unit or built into outdoor kitchen islands.

MO24RDS3NS Marvel 24" Outdoor Drawer Refrigerator

MO24RDS3NS Marvel Outdoor Refrigerator Drawer

Marvel has been one of the premier go-to compact refrigeration solutions in the United States for over 120 years. Until recently, they were exclusively in the game of undercounter wine coolers and beverage centers so it's no shock they dove feet first into the hot new trend of refrigerator drawers. Appliances Connection is proud to be one of the exclusive carriers of this gorgeous outdoor piece. True to their roots, Marvel's marketing literature boasts its 6 cu ft capacity which can fit up to 133 12-oz cans (73 in the top drawer and 60 in the bottom drawer). Their exclusive Dynamic Cooling technology rapidly cools the compartments to the desired temperature. Once there, the Marvel Prime temperature control maintains a frost-free environment of between 34℉ and 42℉. The unit's insulated cabinet ensures all of this is performed with optimum efficiency.

LM24DWR Lynx Professional Series 24" Outdoor Drawer Refrigerator

LM24DWR Lynx Outdoor Refrigerator Drawer

Lynx is a company that made their bones in outdoor cooking/grilling. These aren't your pedestrian "charcoal in a sheet metal brazier" affairs, though. Their aspiration has been to bring all the amenities and perks of a luxury kitchen outside. Their grills that are hand crafted, have integrated illumination, and use state-of-the-art technologies are coveted by professional chefs. It seemed a logical progression that they'd want to create an entire suite of outdoor appliances to supplement their crown jewel. Hence, the emergence of this refrigerator drawer. Its ample 5 cu ft capacity will give you enough room to store all the meats, fish, and vegetables you might want to grill. The painstakingly precise cooling system will keep all of it exquisitely preserved. Full extension drawers allow you to easily grab anything you need while being able to mind your culinary creations. All of this is encased in a relatively matte stainless steel finish that will easily match any appliance in your fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

HP24RO35C Perlick Signature Series 24" Outdoor Drawer Refrigerator

HP24RO35C Prlick Outdoor Refrigerator Drawers

Perlick refrigeration products have been ubiquitous in many fine restaurants, bars, hotels, stadiums and resorts. They've spent a century fostering a reputation of performance and dependability in the commercial market. They are bringing that experience and pedigree to your patio with this refrigerator drawer from their flagship Signature Series. Sporting one of the largest total capacities in its class at 5.2 cu ft, you'll be hard-pressed to fill it no matter how much food and drink you might think you'd need. The formidable 1000 BTU variable speed compressor powers Perlick's RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system. This proprietary technique provides the industry's fastest product temperature pulldown and unmatched temperature consistency. Control of this temperature is at your fingertips with the clean looking and user friendly digital control panel. Do you live in a more temperate climate where you can use your patio year 'round and you'd like to have more continuity between your indoor and outdoor kitchens? This refrigerator drawer is perfect as it's compatible with custom paneling. You can have the functionality of a refrigerator in a discreet drawer that matches your surrounding cabinetry. So confident is Perlick in this piece that they offer it with a best-in-industry three-year warranty.

ID24RO Sub-Zero 24" Outdoor Drawer Refrigerator

ID24RO Sub-Zero Outdoor Drawer Refrigerator

Any refrigeration "Best of..." list that doesn't include a product from Sub-Zero should be instantly discounted. Since its launch, Sub-Zero has sustained an intense focus on manufacturing the objectively finest refrigerators. Most reputable authorities on refrigeration appliances would consider Sub-Zero to be the apogee of the industry. The company certainly makes a strong case with this particular refrigerator drawer. There is no doubt that this refrigerator is beautiful even in its stock stainless steel façade. The use of stainless steel is by no means merely superficial. It's the heaviest gauge used in a refrigerator of this class and can easily withstand all the UV rays, salt, and moisture it might be subject to while outdoors all year. The interior is just as robustly constructed. Drawers are sealed with heavy magnetic gaskets to lock in cold and moisture so that everything in the spacious 4 cu ft interior is kept fresh even when ambient temperatures reach up to 104 ℉. The fridge is equal parts toughness and elegance. Soft-close drawers slide open and closed as smoothly as silk. Soft-on LED lighting effectively but unobtrusively illuminates everything you need to store or retrieve. As with all their refrigerators, Sub-Zero has rigorously tested this unit under conditions of violent vibrations, extreme temperature swings, and sudden electrical surges so you can rest assured you'll be enjoying this fridge for decades to come.

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