Top 5 Napoleon Fireplaces

Napoleon fireplaces

Whether you're coming home from a long day at work or hanging out with friends, it's always nice to have that cozy fireplace that will fill you with warmth, while it lulls you into contentment. As the flames start to dance in the fireplace, you curl up in bed with a tasty cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. Your muscles stretch as you extend your legs and finally, as you find your words, you will utter, "I'm blessed and in love with this fireplace that brought on this blissful relaxation". Gathering around the fireplace during cold winter days is a favorite memory to which we all love to return.

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Can you imagine living back in a time when fireplaces were used for cooking, heating the home and water for laundry etc.? Just picture all the mess that this would make? Thankfully, that is no longer an issue with current electric fireplaces that are designed for comfort, relaxation, decoration and, most importantly, convenience.

Napoleon fireplaces

Napoleon Fireplaces are made with premium quality products. Each of their fireplaces offers different fuel types - electric, wood, liquid propane and natural gas - in a wide variety of configurations. They come in freestanding, inserts, and linear options to increase the chances of customization. Some of them are wall mounted, entertainment center mount, or built-in. The majority of the fireplaces are either vent-free or direct vent, located at various locations on the fireplace depending on room placement. Each Napoleon fireplaces comes with various safety features like oxygen depletion systems, electronic ignitions, and safety shut off systems.

Napoleon GVF362N

Napoleon's vent free natural gas fireplace, from their Grandville VF Series, is made with a multitude of designer options. Its room warming capabilities are beyond compare with its maximum output of 30,000 BTUs. This model is considered as one of the best vent free gas fireplaces in North America and is capable of producing beautiful yellow dancing flames with advanced burner technology. Just looking at this fireplace will set your mind at ease as it keeps you warm through the coldest days of winter. Here are some features to keep in mind: 50% flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency, piezo ignitor, and pan style burner. Some additional but indispensable features are Safety Screens, which ensure ultimate safety and peace of mind for you and your family, advanced burner technology, which use strategically placed burner ports, creating the most realistic yellow dancing flames in the industry, and finely turned precision valves that allow for ultimate reliability and 100% safe guard gas control system.

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Napoleon EFL60H

This model is a 60 inch slimline wall-mounted electric fireplace with 5,000 BTUs/1,500 Watts heating capacity. This fireplace has a beautiful horizontal oriented rectangular shape and eye-catching yellow flames that dance to bring bright, cheerful energy to your room. The linear contemporary design of this model will ensure simplicity and comfort while it enhances the beauty of any given location. It has generous glass front with wide black glass framing that gives off clean look. This model comes with various features such as, three color settings, touch screen electronic control panel, and convenient on and off remote control to adjust both the heating and the flame intensity.

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Fireplace dining room

Napoleon GVFT8N

The flames burn like a gigantic candle that soothe the every ones mood as they look through the decorative glass embers, heat resistant glass, and mirror-flame porcelain reflective radiant panels. This model is perfect for new construction and renovation projects as they plan and install it based on the perfect location. Also, this model is ideally made for hallways, entranceways, bedrooms, and offices. Leave your guests in awe with the technically advanced features that this model has to offer. For instance, the ultra-modern, vent-free fireplace with a slim, single, towering flame design. It offers a torch burner that comes with the aforementioned decorative glass embers. Additionally, it features two on and off switches, one for the burner and the other for optional accent lights.

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Napoleon NEFL32FH

If you're looking for an affordable fireplace that fills your home with the joy that a roaring hearth brings, you definitely need to check out Napoleon's linear wall mount electric fireplaces from their Allure series. Napoleon fireplaces from the Allure series come with a fireplace that sparkles with a crystal ember bed and three different color flame options such as, orange, blue or combines. These models especially come with a front vent that allows it to be fully recessed into the wall. With these models, here are some of the main features to keep in mind: front touch screen control panel that uses high intensity LED lights that provide you the see the flames during the day or night; paintable cord cover that allows the cover to be painted to blend in with the existing decor. Additionally, this model offers wide variety of lengths ranging from 32 inches to 100 inches.

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Napoleon B35NT

This model is made to enhance the beauty in any room with the most realistic look and features. Napoleon's B35NT 35 inch direct vent fireplace offers clean face design of the Ascent series with the maximized viewing window that ensures you to enjoy it to the fullest. Some of the features that you should definitely check out are the advanced burner technology that offers superior flame technology compared to other similar fireplaces. Strategically placed burner ports create the most realistic yellow dancing flames. Additionally, zone heating that this model features is the solution for the families concerned about rising fuel costs. Also, this model features safety screens for ultimate safety and peace of your family. Keep in mind that this model does not require a chimney because the direct vent draws its combustion air from outside.

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