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Top 5 GE Refrigerators 2019

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While refrigerators for home use have been around for over 100 years, technological innovations for cold food preservation are perpetually evolving. On the market today, there exists dozens of different types of refrigerators, each with features ranging from basic cold storage to advanced compartmental climate control and other handy add-ons. Choosing the perfect model for your kitchen can be a painstaking process due to the sheer number of viable options available today. Determining the ideal design, features, and finish to match your current or future décor are the most important first steps. With decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality appliances in every category, GE has countless refrigerator options for any modern kitchen. Choosing from the large selection offered by GE, GE Café, GE Profile, and GE Monogram may seem like a daunting task so we've outlined our top five GE refrigerators for 2019 to help you out! Appliances Connection is proud to offer the full suite of GE appliances and the tools to aid you in your search for the best fit for your home. As always, for more information regarding appliances, furniture, and home design, be sure to check out the other detailed articles on our exclusive Learning Center!

For detailed information about the helpful services offered by Appliances Connection, please refer to our Appliances Delivery and Installation Services page. Some of the services pertaining to refrigerator delivery and installation include: Disconnecting old refrigerators, Level and Center New Refrigerators, Attach to Existing Cabinetry, Reconnect Existing Waterline if in Proper Working Condition, Removal and Disposal of All Packaging Material. Additional services include: Installation of New Waterlines and/or Shutoff, Haul Away of Old Refrigerators and Environmentally Safe Disposal, and Modify Opening for New Refrigerator.

GE Profile | PFE28PBLTS

GE Profile | PFE28PBLTS

GE Profile offers premium appliances with modern designs and pushes the limit of innovation with each release. This 36" Smart French Door Refrigerator features 27.8 cu. ft. total capacity and has a wide array of convenient features. Equipped with a Keurig K-cup brewing system, you'll enjoy fresh, hot single serve coffee brewing at the touch of a button. Using the GE Kitchen App on your smartphone, you can schedule hot water to be ready at your convenience. The full-width, electronic temperature controlled drawer with colored LED lights lets you choose from three accurate settings to pick the optimal temperature for your favorite foods while the lights indicate your choice. Precise TwinChill Evaporators maintain separate climates in the fresh food and freezer sections to keep food fresher for longer. With the advanced water filtration system, you can enjoy clean, fresh water and ice whenever you desire. The brilliant showcase LED lighting is positioned throughout the refrigerator interior and under fresh food doors to spotlight food and make finding what you're looking for even easier. The Turbo Cool setting rapidly drops interior temperature to maintain maximum freshness after frequent door openings.

GE Profile | PFE28PBLTS GE Profile | PFE28PBLTS GE Profile | PFE28PBLTS

GE Monogram | ZIP360NH

GE Monogram | ZIP360NH

GE Monogram offers luxury appliances with timeless styles, innovative features, and the dependability for which GE is renowned. This 36" Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator features 20.6 cu. ft. total capacity and is offered in a panel-ready design. This fridge is equipped with finely crafted glass-front metal door bins for easy access to beverages and quick-grab favorite items. Experience precise control over fridge functions with the upfront electronic controls with digital readout which offer a full range of settings at the touch of a button. The large full-extension freezer drawer offers helpful organization with the storage bins that slide out independently and an automatic ice maker. The precision glass-front produce and deli drawers feature full-extension, soft close slides and even more room for organizing your food items. With aluminum trimmed glass shelves, you'll enjoy convenient access to contents in the fresh-food compartment. The beautiful, panel-ready design means this refrigerator is primed to match your existing kitchen décor for virtually seamless, modern look.

GE Monogram | ZIP360NH GE Monogram | ZIP360NH GE Monogram | ZIP360NH



GE Café provides professional power and restaurant-style appliances for the discerning home chef. This 36" Smart Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator features 22.2 cu. ft. total capacity and plenty of unique features. This counter-depth fridge offers a built-in look while sitting nearly flush with cabinetry and the black slate finish makes it the perfect complement to any décor. In addition to the convenient Keurig K-Cup brewing system, this model also lets you choose from a variety of hot water dispensing temperatures for any use. The precise fill setting allows for simple dispensing of filtered water in accurate measurements for easy food and drink preparation. The stainless-steel Café dispenser with pullout tray offers a professional style and an extra-tall dispenser to accommodate large containers. This smart fridge allows you to connect with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant to monitor and control certain functions and settings. GE's patented TwinChill evaporators keep food fresh and maintain separate climates in the fridge and freezer compartments.




GE has long been an industry leader in providing high-quality, intuitive appliances for consumers at any price point. This Slate Series 36" French Door Refrigerator features 27.7 cu. ft. total capacity and a wide variety of helpful features that make it special. With icemakers located in both compartments of this model, ice is conveniently available whenever you desire. The spacious full-width electronic temperature-controlled drawer with LED lights delivers optimal temperature settings for keeping food fresh and illuminates the shelf to indicate your choice. Quick Space Shelf acts as a normal full-sized shelf when necessary and easily slides down for instant storage versatility. The Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings add an extra boost of cold air to restore interior temperatures to low levels for optimum food freshness. The stainless-steel ice and water dispenser easily accommodates larger containers like pitchers or ice buckets with only the freshest filtered water and ice. With adjustable shelves, cabinet drawers, and door bins, the fridge interior is a flexible design is always ready to accommodate even the largest food items.




GE Café has a vast offering of premium appliances so its only appropriate that a second model makes the list. This 36" Smart French Door Refrigerator features a large 27.8 cu. ft. of total capacity and innovative features that separate it from the pack. With frost-guard, adaptive defrost, this refrigerator will only defrost when needed by accounting for usage and door openings. This fridge is equipped with a Keurig K-Cup brewing system and hot water dispenser which allows for scheduling of hot water using the GE Kitchen app from your smartphone. TwinChill evaporators ensure optimal cold temperatures are maintained and separate climates are achieved in the fresh food and freezer compartments. The stainless-steel Café dispenser with pullout tray and precise fill setting allows for fresh, filtered water to be dispensed and large containers can be accommodated easily. Sync your smartphone with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant for voice activated control over settings and functions of this refrigerator. With adjustable drawers, shelves, and door bins, accommodating food and beverage items of any size is easier than ever!

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