Top Five Double Wall Ovens of 2017

A Double wall oven is a combination of two ovens in a single unit that offers a spacious capacity for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. This type of oven is ideal for big families or gatherings when the timing is everything. The convenient design of  double wall ovens  makes the cooking more efficient and time-saving. It allows preparing a large amount of various dishes at different temperatures without mixing the aromas of the food. This means you can bake cookies in one oven while roasting the fish in the other one, so the cookies won't taste like fish or vice versa.

We've selected the best  electric double wall ovens  for 2017 that feature advanced technology and deliver outstanding performance for the optimal cooking results.

LG Studio Electric Double Wall Oven - LSWD309BD

This spacious double wall oven offers 9.4 cu. ft. of total oven capacity and features premium fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel finish for easy cleaning. Designed with SmoothTouch glass controls and knob controls, LG Studio double wall oven gives you options to choose from traditional and convection baking. The true convection system ensures the even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity and provides 4 modes including convection bake, roast, healthier roast, and crisp convection for the optimal cooking results. In addition to that, this model features 8 Pass Recessed Broiler element across the top of the oven that provides the optimal broiling coverage for the perfect cooking results. Other convenient features include EasyClean technology, which cleans the oven in just 10 minutes without the need of high heat or chemical fumes. This cleaning feature is for light cleaning, which only requires spraying the oven cavity with water and wiping the remaining grime after 10 minutes of the cycle. Tradition self-clean is another option for the occasional deep clean of the oven.

Whirlpool Electric Double Wall Oven - WOD93EC0AS

Whirlpool's electric double wall oven offers 10 cu. ft. of total oven capacity, which is perfect for cooking larger dishes. The wall oven is designed to fit seamlessly into the cabinetry and features the innovative FIT system that allows the unit to fit into the existing cutout easily with minimum modifications. For cooking flexibility, the double wall oven features adjustable racks for customizing the space to accommodate a variety of foods. In addition to that, the wall oven provides True European Convection, which delivers exceptional cooking performance faster and efficiently. It uses a rear fan and third heating element to distribute the heated air in four directions. Additionally, the wall oven provides a variety of advanced features for consistent cooking results every time. For instance, The AccuBake Temperature Management system monitors and regulates the oven temperature automatically, providing the uniform baking results at all times. The Rapid Preheat and Convection Conversion are additional features that take the guesswork out of cooking. The Rapid Preheat feature preheats the oven 25% faster and creates the ideal temperature for single rack baking while convection conversion automatically adjusts the standard time and temperature to their convection equivalents.

Electrolux Electric Double Wall Oven - EW30EW65PS

Electrolux Double wall oven offers an elegant design and functional features, providing a powerful cooking performance every time. This double wall oven features 9.6 cu. ft. of total interior capacity with three adjustable baking racks for the ample cooking space. Additionally, Electrolux double wall oven is designed with Wave-Touch Controls that feature 10 precise baking options including Perfect Turkey, Dehydrate, Bread-Proof, My Favorite, Rapid Preheat, Delay Bake and Convection Convert. The Dual convection system with two fans circulates the hot air throughout the oven cavity and ensures even cooking results on all racks. The advanced feature like Temperature Probe not only measures the temperature but adjusts it when the food reaches its ideal condition. In addition to that, the oven features light and heavy self-cleaning options, as well as automatic the door lock for more safety.

GE Profile Double Wall Oven - PT9550SFSS

GE Profile's electric double wall oven is a great option for big families or gatherings. This model offers a spacious 5.0 cu. ft. of capacity in both upper and lower cavity and features adjustable racks for more cooking convenience. In addition to attractive design, this double wall oven provides an outstanding cooking performance with a variety of flexible cooking options and offers smart features that allow controlling the oven from the smart phone. This smart feature connects the double wall oven to the smart phone through Wi-Fi and allows you to preheat the oven while shopping in the grocery. You can also set the timer alert when baking or roasting, or adjust the oven temperature even when you are not home. This double wall oven also features a True European convection and convection broiling in both upper lower oven cavities. The True European Convection ensures the even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity for even cooking results at all racks while convection broiling with two heating elements provides even browning of any size of food.

Bosch Benchmark Electric Double Wall Oven - HBLP651UC

Bosch Benchmark electric double wall oven is designed to fit completely flush into the kitchen cabinetry and features 9.2 cu. ft. of total interior capacity. The spacious capacity allows cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, making it ideal for big family gatherings. Designed with SideOpening Doors and full-extension telescopic racks, this model provides easy and convenient access to the oven cavity, especially when you have hands full with heavy dishes. In addition to that, the oven offers easy-to-use TFT touch control display with SteelTouch buttons that features 14 cooking modes, making the gourmet cooking easier. The True European Convection in both upper and lower oven cavities provides the perfectly even baking results on every rack. Bosch Benchmark double wall oven also offers energy-efficient features like EcoChef and EcoClean. The EcoChef mode is available for the upper oven cavity and saves energy by using the residual heat to complete the cooking process. The EcoClean feature, on the other hand, saves energy by running for a shorter period of time possible.

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