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Top 5 Coffee and Espresso Machines for Coffee Lovers

It is very rare for people who work full time, or go to school full time, to just get up in the morning and feel full of energy. Thus, for years coffee has been used as an energy drink to help those people to start off their days. However, one big difference between other energy drinks and coffee is the fact that coffee has very pleasant taste, smell, and texture. Whether you drink it hot in the cold morning, or cold in the hot afternoon, you will always feel like you are bursting with a happy energy. However, that is possible only if you have the right equipment. In this article, I have gathered the top five most innovative and technologically advanced coffee and espresso makers for those that want to have the best cup of coffee every time.

When you are in the market for a new coffee or espresso maker, there are some key features you should consider. For instance:

  • Quality of the coffee: the main purpose of a coffee and espresso machines is to brew fresh and rich cups of coffee. Thus, when you are purchasing your coffee machines pay extra attention to its coffee and espresso brewing capability.
  • Discover type of coffee and espresso makers that are out there and find out which ones are for you. For instance, there are automatic coffee makers, manual coffee makers, cold brew coffee makers, espresso machines, and manual espresso makers.
  • Once you select the type of coffee and espresso machine you want to buy, then you should check out the cup capacity, programmability, and whether it has grinder or not.
  • Of course convenience and affordability is another thing that you should definitely look out for. For instance, the size, speed, and the price. Don't let high prices to drive you away from getting what you want and what you need. Keep that in mind that quality comes with a certain price.

Gaggia Accademia Espresso machine is one of the most innovative espresso makers on the market today. This espresso machine will provide you with the perfect espresso you've been looking for all this time. Whether it be the speed, quality, durability, or functionality, Gaggia Accademia has got your back. This machine is manufactured in Italy, thus there should be no doubt about the quality and durability of the product. This machine is designed to brew about 60 cups a day which makes it the perfect product for offices or restaurants. Some of the notable features that these machines come with are:

  • Adjustable height that allows you to alternate between cups and mugs of various sizes
  • Coffee doser which allows you to use both coffee beans and ground coffee
  • Adjustable ceramic grinder that allows up to 10 different grind settings
  • Seven preset beverages including latte and cappuccino with one touch of a button
  • Double boiler that allows you to switch between frothing and brewing without wasting any time

Miele's plumbed whole bean coffee system might be exactly what you are looking for, if you want to increase the level of fanciness of your coffee drinking methods. This coffee machine gives you the comfort, convenience and safety that you want and need in a coffee machine. Imagine getting up in the morning to the aromatic smell of coffee taking over your kitchen and you are there sitting, feeling like you are at a five-star restaurant being served. Take a look at some notable features of Miele's plumbed whole bean coffee maker:

  • M touch control is an intuitive swipe of the screen that will quickly lead you to your desired selection
  • One-touch and one touch for two which allows you to make two delicious coffee specialties at the same time by simply touching a button
  • ComfortDoor is a signature feature of Miele's coffee makers and allows you to conveniently access the removable water container
  • System lock to protect any inadvertent operation
  • AromaticSystem that lets the brew chamber to expand when water flows in. The ground coffee is mixed very thoroughly with the water to unfold the coffee aroma even better.

Smeg's espresso and coffee machine will grab your attention right away because of its unique design and amazing features. This machine is known to be perfect for coffee lovers that want something simple, yet, highly-functional. This machine has a 3D logo and slim dimensions. It is designed with a stainless steel wrap, plastic painted housing, stainless steel cup holder, passive cup warmer, chrome zamak steam lever and chrome plated base. The technical and functional characteristics that you should know of are:

  • Thermoblock heating system
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Stainless steel filter holder for powder coffee or paper pods
  • Anti-Drip system to prevent any leakages
  • Removable drip-tray for mugs accommodation
  • One liter removable water tank with optional water filter
  • This machine comes with one cup button and 2 cup button and steam option
  • Flow stop function to customize your coffee length

Even though Frigidaire's coffee maker has traditional design, they are one of the top drip coffee makers on the market. This coffee maker has a sleek design and has a stainless steel frame. It features a water filtration system with 24 hours programmable option. If you are type of person who likes either strong or mild coffee, then this coffee maker is perfect for you. With settings from regular to strong it brews your coffee the way you like it. Some notable features are:

  • Water filtration system that allows you to filter water for better tasting coffee
  • PowerPlus brewing system will distribute hot water evenly throughout the brewing process for more flavor
  • Pro-select LCD display that is large and easy to read
  • Side-view water level indicator to prevent any spills
  • Reusable gold-tone filter basket to make coffee taste better and easier to clean

West Bend's coffee maker is perfect for a large crowd or for restaurants and cafes. It has the capability to serve up to 55 cups so you will never be short of coffee. Some of the features that you should look up to are:

  • Automatic temperature control
  • Twist-to-secure lid
  • Interior water level markings
  • Two way dripless faucet
  • An aluminum body and brew basket

A day is not complete without having at least one cup of coffee or espresso. Thus, whichever coffee and espresso machine you choose, you know that you will be starting your day full of love and energy. The more you study and learn about these machines, the easier it gets for you to make that perfect cup of coffee. So, go ahead invest your time your money in these coffee and espresso machines because you already know you will not going to regret it.

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