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30" Ranges from Thermador and Wolf

30 Inch Ranges from Thermador and Wolf

You've read product comparisons for ranges with widths of 36" or 40" designed for sizeable, sometimes even palatial kitchens, and thought, "What about me?" You've got a stylish place in a smart part of town with a galley kitchen. It may be small, but it can't be argued that it's not chic. So what choices might you have in the way of smaller ranges that punch far above their weight when it comes to sophistication and functionality? Here are two that are sure to pique your interest: the Thermador PRD305PH PRO Harmony Series 30" Slide-in Dual Fuel Range and the Wolf GR304 30" Freestanding Gas Range.

Company Histories

Thermador is a storied old firm that has a hallowed place in the hall of appliance companies. They made their mark on American kitchens in the decade after WWII by inventing the first wall oven and cook top in 1947. In 1952, they kept on the domestic forefront by introducing the first home version of the warming drawer. Thermador ranges and ovens cemented themselves into pop culture mythos in the 1970s, featuring prominently on Julia Child cooking shows and the Brady Bunch.

Thermador Historical
Wolf Modern

By contrast, Wolf is a relative upstart pup in household appliances. The Wolf Range Corporation spent decades cutting their teeth as a manufacturer of commercial ranges, cooktops, and grills. In 2000, their domestic interests were acquired by Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance Inc was born. This partnership exploded onto the scene soon after, launching an unprecedented 50-item new product line. Their tenacity has been unrelenting, carving a dedicated following with a reputation of manufacturing professional-grade ranges priced for the discerning, domestic consumer.

Thermador PRD305PH PRO Harmony Series 30" Slide-in Dual Fuel Range

This PRO Harmony series range is a new zenith of Thermador's constant innovation. In 1998, they literally changed the shape of gas cooking with their Star Burner breakthrough. Its patented profile isn't just a superficial flourish. With a perimeter that's 56% longer than traditional round burners, it can distribute flame to the bottom of a pan or pot with unprecedented precision. Now in its fourth generation, the design has been further refined to allow absolute control when bringing water to a boil 50% quicker than the leading competitors, or using the ExtraLow feature at 200 BTUs to keep a perfect beurre blanc at a gentle simmer. This exacting heat management is indispensable in taking your cooking to new heights.

PRD305PH Star Burners

Thermador's advancements continue in the massive 4.4 cu ft oven with True Convection cooking. It adds a third heating element surrounding the convection fan at the rear of the oven cavity. You will be stunned at the capability this seemingly simple enhancement brings. If you're cooking a large single dish like roasting a succulent duck or delectable rib-eye, the extra wall of even heat will sear the outside, sealing in juices while reducing cooking time by up to 25%. You'll also be able to cook multiple smaller dishes simultaneously, whether they be sweet or savory, without any flavor transfer. This True Convection feature so useful, you can even dehydrate fresh fruits and vegetable for preservation or for imaginative garnishes.

PRD305PH PRO Harmony Series 30 Inch Slide-in Dual Fuel Range
GR304 30 Inch Freestanding Gas Range

Wolf GR304 30" Freestanding Gas Range

Wolf's offering in the way of compact 30" ranges is this utilitarian workhorse. What it lacks in domestic pedigree, it more than makes up in performance. Its four dual-stack burners can put out a huge range of heat from the highest highs or the lowest lows. You'll be able to give steaks a sear so swiftly it would make Maillard blush or melt fine chocolate without any fear of scorching. These burners are strikingly framed by cast-iron grates. Their configuration is continuous for easy movements of pots and pans from one burner to another. Though the 2.9 cu ft oven capacity if relatively modest, it's perfectly suited to its design. Wolf has called on its professional roots to fit the oven with an 18000 BTU infrared broiler that will more quickly and robustly heat up to perfectly crisp the skin on a salmon filet or finish off a homemade pizza. The entire affair is encased in heavy-gauge stainless steel that's constructed with a lifespan of decades in mind. Wolf is pretty spartan when it comes to overindulgent features in this beauty of an appliance. You can rest assured, though, that it excels in every criterion that makes for a fantastic range.

Just because your kitchen is small doesn't mean it can't make a bold statement. The Thermador and Wolf 30" ranges both speak the language of panache, but in different dialects. The Thermador is ostentatiously expressive with its star-shaped burners and hugely multipurpose True Convection oven. The Wolf, with its comprehensive functionality, clean and spare aesthetic, and an MSRP 20% less than its Thermador counterpart, is terse and no-nonsense. Though each will appeal to a different style, both will bring flair and culinary purpose to a kitchen of any size.

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