The Resurgence of Farm Kitchen Sinks

The Resurgence of Farm Kitchen Sinks

When people began to settle into an agrarian lifestyle, it's no doubt that fire was the dominant element of kitchens. What seems to have faded from memory and taken for granted through the passage of time is that water was just as important. When the cooking fire periodically burned out of control, it was important to have water close at hand to douse it. When the kitchen was also used for washing clothes, there needed to be a receptacle with enough room to fit clothes, the water for washing, and space left over for displacement. For some time, the kitchen needed to double as a makeshift bathing chamber with a vessel large enough to submerge one's head. This is why the kitchen, as ever the most versatile room in a house, had as its second most prominent feature, a farm sink.

Modern Farm Sink

As everything old becomes new again, farm sinks are now trending in contemporary homes. People love that the extra wide and deep basin gives a much larger workspace than with traditional sinks. The depth also precludes the need to stoop when using the fixture. While washing dishes or even pets, the protruding lip of the sink gives you a place to rest your weary arms. If you have a small kitchen without the space for a flashy range or refrigerator, a farm sink allows you the opportunity to show off your style. Here are some of the most popular materials and designs in which farm sinks are available.


Vigo VGRA3018CS Farm Sink

Farm sinks with stone construction lend an imposing and impressive look to your kitchen. They also have the additional advantage of being durable and long-lasting. Aesthetically versatile, these will look great with almost any countertop. An exemplary specimen is this Vigo VGRA3018CS 30" Matte Stone Sink. It has an acrylic-coated surface that's nonporous and seamless that makes it resistant to stains and germs. Paired with the 10-mm radius of curved corners, it's an absolute breeze to clean and looks like new throughout its long life. You'll find that it's an amazing value since it comes packaged with a complementary faucet and soap dispenser.


Nantucket TFCFS36 Farm Sink

Fireclay is created when clay and glaze fuse together at an extremely high temperature (1600 degrees F). This results in a material that is remarkable for its hardness and resilience. The look is almost indistinguishable from cast iron but at a fraction of the weight. This treatment also makes it resistant to scratches, chipping and discoloring. Just be aware that, due to the firing process, seemingly identical models may vary in dimensions by as much as 1/4" so it's imperative to measure exactly before purchase and installation. You'll find no better fireclay sink than this Nantucket TFCFS36 36" Farm Sink. Its fire-glazed surface keeps your family safe by inhibiting bacterial growth while being able to be polished to a lustrous sheen. The offset drain gives you a generous workspace when cleaning even the biggest pans and baking sheets.


Stufurhome NW3020S Farm Sink

Stainless Steel sinks imbue a bold and modern touch to your kitchen. Rugged and robust, these sinks will endure almost anything you can literally throw at it. Unlike other metal sinks, stainless steel is naturally resistant to stains, corrosion, and rusting. It's by far the easiest material to maintain as it can be cleaned by almost all household cleansers without any fear of damaging the finish. Another great feature that stainless steel brings to the table is its inherent relative pliability. On impact, it has a bit of give which helps prevent breakage of your fragile glasses and crockery. Finally, stainless steel is one of the most inexpensive materials with which to manufacture kitchen sinks. You can upgrade your kitchen at substantially lower costs. A great choice is the Stufurhome NW3020S 30" Stainless Steel Sink. Made from solid 16-gauge metal, it also features a satin finish for a touch of elegance that's perfect for your kitchen. Angled grooves direct water toward the rear center of the basin to ensure the best drainage. Designed especially for home use, the bottom of the sink has a multi-layered undercoating to muffle echoing water splashing and cutlery clattering experienced with industrial stainless steel sinks.



For a distinctive rustic appeal in the kitchen, many love farm sinks with a copper finish. A prevailing notion is that copper sinks are difficult to maintain, but this couldn't be further from the truth. All that is necessary is for you to be aware of what has affects copper adversely and avoid pronged exposure to the sink. Hot cookware is the most prominent concern so make sure pots and pans are sufficiently cooled before placing them in the sink. Food and drink acidic in nature such as lemons or orange juice will discolor copper so run water if you find the need to pour these items into the sink. If you keep these things in mind and clean the sink regularly with gentle soap and water and occasionally with copper cleaner, you'll have a stunning sink for a long time to come. There are antique copper sinks still in use that are a century old. You won't go wrong with an Ambiente CSKITFAHARDSGLPLADK 3" Copper Sink. It's 99% pure copper and 1% zinc without any lead adulterant that you'll find in other copper fixtures. Hand made with a dark finish, you'll add so much beauty and value to your home. And since it's made with recycled materials, you'll feel good doing it.

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