Refrigerator Buying Guide for 2019

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Food preservation methods are important in terms of the quantity maintained for sustenance, but readily available fresh produce provide a better quality of nourishment. The advent of modern refrigeration is also responsible for feats in sciences like cryogenics and living standard comforts like air conditioning.

Nowadays, we're more concerned with how much capacity for food storage a refrigerator can supply and how much energy usage it would need. These are the key basic features that should be considered first when buying a new refrigerator. On top of that, new refrigerators today have a lot of features to make everything easier which, range from, but are not limited, to Wi-Fi capabilities, temperature display, ice and water dispensing and even power cooling functions.


In the past, the most important feature a refrigerator provided was the ability to keep your fresh food from spoiling too quickly. Nowadays, you can even watch television on your fridge. Here are some essential features to consider when buying a new refrigerator:

  • Water and Ice Dispensers - It's almost commonplace to see refrigerators able to dispense filtered water and ice cubes with the ease of pushing a button but not every fridge will have one. Having a water and ice dispenser on a fridge is convenient to gain access to ready-made ice cubes and filtered water.

  • Shelf & Compartment Space - This might not seem obvious at first but a good fridge should provide enough storage space, as well as, enough shelves and compartments to keep all your food items organized.

  • Humidity Control - Certain fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) require more humidity and certain food items (dried goods) require little to no humidity.

  • Temperature Control - A standard user-control setting for desired coldness a fridge provides is readily available on most, if not all, fridges but there are also refrigerators capable of individual compartment temperature control.

  • Power Cooling - Sometimes known as Express Chill, Quick Cool or similar. This feature is typically found in one particular compartment or drawer to rapidly cool or freeze food items. A useful feature for quickly cooling beverages or soften ice cream from grocery shopping.

Purchasing a New Refrigerator

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As with all home appliances being offered on the market today, buying new refrigerators now come with a lot of features and creature comforts. The following is an important guideline to consider for new refrigerators.

  • Budget - Generally speaking, a new refrigerator, depending on options included, will cost anywhere from $400 to $2000. Of course, it will depend on how much you are willing to spend and what specific features you're looking for. There are technological behemoths that can run upwards in the $3000 range with more bells and whistles than you may or may not need.

  • Size - Although, bigger refrigerators can offer more storage space, certain homes can't hold a larger home appliance. Also certain fridges are designed to fit streamlined into existing cabinetry. Albeit, a stylish refrigerator can be a central focusing point to any modern kitchen decor, some attention should be given in terms to how big of a fridge can fit inside your living space.

Types of Refrigerators

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Back in days of yonder, refrigerators had one door. Somewhere, along the line, some folks decided that to sell more refrigerators, the doors should be the first to be redesigned. One design I had not seen yet are Lamborghini inspired doors but you never know. The following are the most popular styles for refrigerators today.

  • Top Freezer - This is that classic look with two doors that pull open from the side with the larger compartment for keeping food cooled and the smaller compartment on top being the freezer.

  • Bottom Freezer - This is the reversed look of the top freezer style of refrigerators with the freezer located at the bottom. Typically, the bottom freezer for this style pulls out like a drawer instead of being pulled open from the side.

  • Side By Side - This style of fridge has both compartment doors able to be pulled open from the middle of the unit. Usually the freezer is located on the left hand side. Generally, an ice and water dispenser is located on the outside of the freezer door too.

  • French Door - This look borrows elements from a side by side and a bottom freezer. The cooling compartment is located on the top portion of the refrigerator and the freezer compartment is located on the bottom. The doors pull open from the middle on top and the freezer door pulls open from the bottom like a drawer.

Additional Advice

  • Noise - It's highly doubtful anyone would enjoy hearing a loud compressor running at a high frequency. Nowadays, some homes don't have wall partitioned rooms for a separate kitchen, whether by design or by choice. It's worth investing in a new refrigerator that have measures implemented to reduce noise.

  • Energy Star - Refrigerators require constant use of electricity. Not only does this put a strain on your energy bills, but also with new technology being introduced all the time, newer refrigerators help meet more environmentally sound standards.

  • Adjustable Shelving - Food items come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Being able to adjust the shelving or compartments inside your fridge is useful to be more efficient in food storage.

  • Ease of Use - Some refrigerators have been opting to have interior ice and/or water dispensers built in. This is mostly a design choice by the manufacturer to have a cleaner exterior look. However, it's also a preference for the consumer on whether or not they want an exterior or interior dispenser. With that being said, an exterior ice and/or water dispenser provides a benefit in ease of use and the retention of coldness without having to open the refrigerator door.

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