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The Quietest Dishwashers of 2019

Many people purchase dishwashers in the hopes of eliminating the chore of doing dishes manually. However, older models of dishwashers require you to pre-wash your dishes, which doubles the work for dishwasher owners. What's the point of owning a dishwasher if you have to wash the dishes by hand for it to work? However, with the latest dishwasher innovations that have been introduced to the market in the past couple of years, that is no longer an issue. The latest mark of a quality dishwasher is its decibel rating. The uproarious noise many dishwashers make has disturbed the peace of many a dishwasher owner. I clearly remember the times when the deafening noise of my old dishwasher made my kitchen feel like a construction zone.

We've written many articles regarding the history and maintenance of dishwashers. However, this article will present you with the quietest dishwashers of 2019 that are made with the latest technology to help you narrow down your pick if you're in the market for a new dishwasher this year.

Bosch and Miele are the two most well-known brands that specialize in manufacturing the quietest dishwashers that exist today. I personally think that if you want quiet dishwasher you should not purchase dishwasher that is not louder than 50 db. The diagram below will help you to visualize the how quiet a Bosch dishwasher is.

Consumer Reports has rated Bosch among the most reliable brands of dishwashers and ranked Miele as the second most reliable brand of dishwashers. From design to functionality, Bosch and Miele dishwashers consistently earn top marks. Here's why everyone acknowledges that they're the best and quietest in the industry:

Bosch Benchmark 24 Inch Built-in Full Integrated Dishwasher: 38 dBA

The Bosch Benchmark SHX89PW75N dishwasher is a must have, regardless of your family or home size. It blends in well with your cabinetry and you won't even notice that it is there. The Bosch fully integrated built-in dishwashers have a sleek and refined design. They're modern and minimal, so they'll match any kitchen cabinet style. Also, they utilize 18 unique sound reducing features. As you can see in the banner above, the noise this dishwasher makes while running a cycle is much quieter than the noise that we make when we wash our hands. Since this dishwasher works so quietly, Bosch's German engineers have added an indicator light to let you know that your cycle is running. The dazzling beauty of this dishwasher will make you fall in love with it, and its updated technology tempts you to speedily take an action to take it home with you.

Miele 24 Inch Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher: 42 dBA

The Miele G6885SCVIK2O dishwasher offers a large total capacity of 16 place setting and 11 washing cycles. Miele and Bosch both ranked well on Consumer Reports, which makes this model very comparable to the Bosch's model. Bosch is widely regarded in the industry as having the quietest dishwasher models, so it's no wonder that they are number one. If you've already purchased a full suite of Miele appliances, we'd recommend the Miele model for brand consistency. However, if you're just in the market for a new dishwasher from any brand, both of these are great. The only distinguishing factor is cost and slight aesthetic differences—both are German engineered brands as well. After a tedious day at work, everyone needs some peace at home. With a dishwasher this quiet, you can easily set it and forget it so your chores practically do themselves.

Additional Models

GE Profile 24 Inch Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher: 40 dBA

The next one on our list is the GE Profile PDT855SSJSS dishwasher that has countless features. Offering seven wash cycles and 16 place setting, this dishwasher is almost as quiet as and even more spacious than the Bosch 24" model. The noise level of this dishwasher is 40 db. For more specific information regarding this product's features , please view the video.

LG Studio 24 Inch Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher: 42 db

LG is another more affordable, yet comparable in terms of quality, brand. Their fully integrated dishwasher (LSDT9908ST) delivers revolutionary cleaning performance without the hassle of prewashing. It features seven wash cycles and a 15-place setting capacity, and yet it produces a noise level of only 42 db. The quiet operation of this dishwasher is an excellent example of LG's great technological advances over the years. The Inverter DirectDrive Motor and the advanced Self-Cleaning Filtration System were designed to keep your kitchen running smoothly and quietly. Noisy appliances are irritating to say the least. Even if you're spending a little more, a quiet dishwasher is a great investment!

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