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The Power of Steam: Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry & Relaxation

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Throughout the years, people have been using steam for cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and enjoying its relaxing properties. Recently, it has been gaining popularity due to the health and financial benefits that it has to offer.

Steam for Cooking

Steaming is a cooking process that produces heat and humidity using boiling hot water. By placing your food above the boiling hot water (in a traditional double pot setup, or in a steam oven), you will let your food to cook indirectly while successfully preserving flavonoids. Flavonoids are the compounds that are found in fruits, vegetables and meat to ensure that your meals do not only have a good taste. It is proven that steam cooking is one of the healthiest and gentlest cooking methods out there. Steaming can help your food to stay moist and tasty without any fat added. Also, steam helps you keep the original colors and texture of your food while preventing that unsavory rubbery texture and dryness. Thus, steaming has an advantage over other methods of cooking such as boiling or simmering. Additionally, steam cooking is one of the easiest methods of cooking; especially when you have all the right equipment to make your job simple.

For instance, with the help of professional steam ovens, it is possible to achieve the culinary perfection that you crave.

Wolf's 30 inches single wall oven with 1.8 cubic feet capacity contains all the advantages of steam oven that was mentioned earlier. It offers a "Steam Mode" which will help you to steam vegetables deliciously while maintaining indescribable moisture and flavor. Wolf's Steam Mode can retain up to twenty-two percent more vitamins compared to other steamers. The Steam Mode heats with steam and hot air, achieving a temperature ranging from 85 degrees Fahrenheit to 210 degrees Fahrenheit which is an ideal temperature to capture nutrition and flavor. Combining steaming and baking technology has always been a dream of every cook. However, the Wolf 30" 1.8 cu. ft. total capacity electric single wall oven has turned that dream into a reality. You can easily seal all the nutrients, juices and flavors in your food to enjoy its health benefits and its flavors as nature intended them. The oven has an Auto Steam Bake Mode where the temperature ranges from 210 degrees Fahrenheit to 445 degrees Fahrenheit to give you the preferred temperature whenever you want. The versatile steam cooking method lets you do more than just cook veggies and seafood you can even bake and proof bread with a steam-convection oven. The Wolf Auto Steam Bake Mode also lets you bake your bagels, breads and pastries with a tender interior and a natural exterior shine, without the need to brush the dough with an egg wash!

Dacor, Whirlpool and Miele are some of the largest brands that manufacture various kinds of steam oven that are easy to operate. Two popular steam ovens from each brand is Dacor 30" 9.6 cu. ft. total capacity electric double wall oven and Miele 24" Electric single wall oven

Steam for Laundry

If you are the type of person who likes to get the work done quickly and efficiently without having to spend lots of hours to wash and fold your laundry, then steam washers are the perfect addition to your laundry system. Here is the list of benefits of having a steam washer:

  • Steam washers have higher temperature ranges than normal washers. This makes steam washers ideal for wrinkle reducing.
  • The high temperatures that steam washers have tend to soften fabrics, allowing wrinkles that are deeply embedded during cycles to flatten out. Another perk of washing your clothes in a high temperature washer is that the washer can sanitize your items and easily remove tough stains.
  • It is proven that steam washers tend to use less water compared to non-steam washers. With steam washers you will not only save water but you will also save on energy. When there is less water involved, there will be less boiling to do.

If you don't know where to start looking for your ideal steam washers you should definitely check out steam washers that LG and Haier have to offer.

The Haier TurboWash Series 27" Washer/Dryer Combo with 4.3 cubic feet capacity offers 14 wash cycles and (LG) 24" Washer/Dryer Combo with 2 cu. ft. capacity that offers 11 wash cycles, both include steaming as an option. As it was mentioned earlier, one of the main functions of steam is to help soften the fabric during the wash cycle. Today's front loading washers spin at speeds in excess of 1,000 rpm. This high speed is more efficient because there is less drying time.

Steam for Cleaning

Steam cleaning has been gaining popularity over years because of the fact that it is easy and efficient method. Whether it be mopping, cleaning carpets, or vacuuming the furniture, steam cleaning has become an easy and simple method of cleaning. For mopping, there is no need to repeatedly get out a bucket, wait while it fills with water and then lug it around the home with you. Even combo systems that have built in sprays and dust pads still use chemicals and require a bit of manual labor to rub those tough stains and dried spills out. Another important aspect of steam cleaning is the fact that it gets rid of unwanted germs. Steam is incredibly hot and a lot of the models of steam mops will actually kill 99.99% of bacteria that can cause a variety of illnesses. This type of cleaning is also eco-friendly, safer, and cost effective.

Reliable's Steamboy 200CU Steam Floor Mop offers all the advantages of a steam mop that was mentioned earlier. For instance, when you use this steam mop, you do not need any harmful chemicals to kill the bacteria; you can just use water instead. Steamboy delivers 245 degrees Fahrenheit steam to floor and carpet surfaces helping you easily remove the dirt and odors.

You can also take a look at Vapamore's vacuums that offer steaming option. Vapamore's steaming function provides two operating modes that can be switched with the touch of a button. Those modes are known as instant high temperature dry vapor steam for general cleaning and wet steam mode for set stains and spills, Additionally, Vapamore's MR-50 steam vacuum features three operation modes, wet steam for deep stains, dry steam for general cleaning, and powerful wet-dry vacuum.

Steam for Relaxation

Benefits of steam stretch far beyond just household chores. Steam is so powerful, not only because of all the benefits of steam in cooking, cleaning and laundry, but also for your mental and physical health. Steam is often used while showering or in saunas, to increase the level of muscle relaxation and overall detoxification of the body.

With Steam in your shower or saunas you do not have to travel far in order to get that perfect relaxation and rejuvenating moment. Using steam in the shower or sauna is safe, effective and affordable way to relieve stress and improve health, right in the comfort of your home. With Steamists steam generators you can easily save water and energy. Steamist steam generators are considered as very dependable and eco-friendly as they only use less than one gallon of water for average 20 minute steam shower. Each generators are designed to deliver quick and satisfactory service.

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