The 5 Most Reliable Luxury Front Load Washers for 2019

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Too many people buy a new washer, only to have it malfunction a few months later. Even many luxury brands suffer from serious design flaws that can cause the washer to fail in only a short amount of time. Some companies add unnecessary features to their washer without taking a critical look at the unit's overall performance.

Many of the items on this list are built for commercial use, where a washer's downtime can seriously impact profits. Others have maintenance settings that reduce wear and tear on your washer over time. By choosing one of these brand-new, high-end, luxury front load washers, you'll have a high-end appliance that performs well for years to come, and doesn't sacrifice reliability for features.

Samsung | WV60M9900AV

Samsung | WV60M9900AV

Samsung appliances are widely renowned for their high quality and excellent performance. The Samsung WV60M9900AV is a near-silent washer that can take giant loads, thanks to its 6.0 cubic foot capacity interior (a 5.0 cubic foot main chamber and a 1.0 cubic foot upper chamber for smaller loads).

The washer's Super Speed setting cuts your wash time nearly in half without sacrificing performance, and PowerFoam uses high-efficiency detergent to create a rich foam that penetrates fabric deeply. The unit's steam wash setting releases steam from below to better saturate clothes and releases even tough stains without a pre-wash. This emphasis on efficiency reduces wear and tear on your unit in the long run.

LG | WM3997HWA


LG is yet another producer of high-quality appliances, and their washers are a fine example. The LG WM3997HWA washer/dryer combo features an ultra-large 4.3 cubic foot interior capacity and utilizes LG's proprietary TurboWash, 6Motion and steam cleaning technology to clean your clothes in 30 minutes fewer than many competitors' washers.

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping your washer in tip-top shape, and ensures the washer's longevity over time. While it's always best to call in a repairman to come in and service your appliance at intervals, this washer's TubClean self-cleaning cycle is perfect for regular maintenance and will reduce wear and tear between visits. Just run this cycle once a week or so to keep your washer's drum, hoses, and other parts fresh and clean.

Miele | PW6065SS


Miele products like the Miele PW6065SS are sturdy, German-built luxury washers that don't sacrifice features for efficiency. This 24-inch washer is lovingly known as the "Little Giant" and for good reason: it's roomy enough to handle even your largest loads, and tough enough to last for many years. An impressive maximum speed of 1,400 RPM will ensure a quick, thorough wash, and the PW6065SS' strong shock absorbers ensure not only quiet operation, but less wear and tear on the unit over time. This washer is built to last for an impressive 25,000 operating hours.

Speed Queen | AFNE9RSP

Speed Queen | AFNE9RSP

Speed Queen manufactures what are far and away some of the most reliable laundry appliances on the market. These devices are ubiquitous in laundromats, precisely because they can stand up to heavy, frequent use.

The AFNE9RSP model is no exception. This 27-inch front loading washer is designed for commercial use, and will stand up to even heavy use in a residential setting. It can hold up to 3.42 cubic feet of clothes. It offers nine different wash cycles to clean delicate clothes, heavy-duty loads and everything in between.

This unit is built to last. The washer spins at up to 1,200 RPM , yet it is still whisper-silent. This reduces the vibrations that can loosen connections and impede performance over time. Its sturdy stainless steel tub will stand up to countless loads. This washer is both ADA and Energy Star compliant.

Miele | W3048

Miele | W3048

With a capacity of just 1.91 cubic feet, the Miele W3048 is smaller than many of the washers on this list. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in power. This washer spins at an impressive 1600 RPM for a rapid, efficient clean. The eco-friendly Miele W3048 automatically senses the size of your load and determines the amount of water needed accordingly.

When it comes to reliability, Miele believes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The W3048's honeycomb drum design catches foreign objects like paperclips and coins so they don't end up in your pump, which greatly prolongs the life of the washer. The washer's WaterProof system detects faults in the washer's loads and valves automatically. The unit will turn off if it detects a leak to prevent water damage.


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