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The Dacor Modernist Collection - Modern Can Be Timeless

An In-Depth Look at the New Frigidaire FFBN1721TV 33 Inch Refrigerator

Think of what has been described as modern kitchen design in the past - a grandparent's 1970s era avocado-colored refrigerator springs to my mind. Though these may retain a nostalgic value, they can also evoke a certain time period that leaves kitchens looking dated within a few years. The Dacor Modernist Collection brings to bear their long history of luxury taste making that abides. It allays any worry that updating your kitchen now will doom it to kitsch as fickle sensitivities change. Dacor's new collection includes ranges, wall ovens, column refrigerator/freezer combinations, and induction cooktops.

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DOP48M96DLM 48" Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range

The DOP48M96DLM 48" Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range will be the centerpiece of your kitchen in both form and function. The sleek, understated design will unobtrusively impress in ambient lighting while the Four Part Dual Pure Convection oven allows you to roast branzino and steam vegetables simultaneously without odor transfer. BrightVue interior lighting provides the ability to clearly observe the progress of what you're cooking. The dual-stacked burners are powerful enough to sear a porterhouse or exacting enough to poach an egg.

DOC30M977DM 30" Combination Wall Oven

For the true epicure, your kitchen will be wanting without the DOC30M977DM 30" Combination Wall Oven. You'll be able to avail yourself of combined microwave convection, pure convection, and steam cooking all in one unit. Defrost, proof, broil, and reheat with ease. Imagine how you will delight others with juicier food, flakier crusts, and more vibrant vegetables using Steam-Assist in the lower oven. You'll certainly impress even the most discerning gourmand.

DRR24980RAP 24" Panel-Ready Column Refrigerator / DRZ24980LAP 24" Panel-Ready Column Freezer

To perfectly maintain the freshness and preserve the flavor of the ingredients you'll be cooking, at arm's length will be the combination DRR24980RAP 24" Panel-Ready Column Refrigerator and DRZ24980LAP 24" Panel-Ready Column Freezer. Push-to-Open doors gently and effortlessly swing to reveal a flourish of LED lighting. These bright yet efficient lights illuminate exquisite burnished stainless steel walls with aluminum and glass accents. PreciseCooling, using discrete compressors and evaporators in each column, will ensure that your ingredients are kept at the peak of quality until use. The freezer produces "cocktail ice", larger than traditional cubes and slower to melt. These will be a hit at parties.

DTI36M977BB 36" Induction Smoothtop Cooktop

Finally, there's the DTI36M977BB 36" Induction Smoothtop Cooktop. This is the absolute latest advancement in kitchen technology. It features options never before seen in home cooking. Complete control is at your fingertips on the touchpad console. As well as a library of recipes that range from simple to lavish. The graceful LED virtual flame will let you know it's ready to go. A 4800W PowerCoil provides more than enough energy to quickly steam succulent clams. The FlexZone elements let you prepare meals with numerous pieces of cookware of almost any size. You'll feel as if you've stepped into the future with this induction cooktop.

Dacor iQ Kitchen App

Dacor IQ

Recently acquired by Samsung, Dacor has been able to expand their repertoire to integrate the former's vast array of cutting-edge wireless technology. This will dovetail the functionality of all the Modernist collection appliances to the touch of your phone. Whether you'd like to set the oven, monitor if you'd left the burners on, or assess your grocery needs with internal refrigerator cameras, you can do all this and more via the Dacor iQ Kitchen app on your smart phone. The app is available on Android and iOS

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No longer will you need to concern yourself with the sometimes capricious nature of kitchen design and functionality. Dacor's Modernist Collection will make your kitchen the envy of the most devout technophile while maintaining the enduring aesthetics from a brand trusted in homes for over five decades.

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