The Best Side By Side Refrigerators of 2019

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Nowadays, purchasing a refrigerator while finding a configuration that suits your household can be a very challenging experience. This is especially true when many consumers are not well aware of the pros and cons of the latest trends in refrigerators like side-by-side refrigerators. Many consumers swear by the convenience of side by side refrigerators that can make more efficient use of space in smaller kitchen. Before discovering which side by side refrigerators are the best, decide whether or not side by side refrigerators suit your needs.

Pros Cons
It is efficient because most side by side refrigerators comes with through-the-door ice and water dispensers and temperature controlled bins. Many customers have complained about lack of space for larger pots and boxes in side by side refrigerators.
Perfect for smaller kitchens because the doors of side by side refrigerators do not require much space to swing open. Many side by side refrigerators come in wider width which might require a wider space to place.
Side by side refrigerators offer significant shelf space which can be perfect for organizing groceries and frozen items in easy to grab sections. Side by side refrigerators do have very cool and modern features like the ice and water dispenser that were mentioned earlier, however those features require maintenance.
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Whirlpool Brand Break
Whirlpool WRS970CIDM

Whirlpool WRS970CIDM

Despite being very small in size and less energy-efficient, Whirlpool's WRS970CIDM side by side refrigerator is winning the hearts of many customers with its ample storage space and extra convenient features. This Whirlpool counter-depth side-by-side refrigerator is a must have in any kitchen because of unique features like its 19.8 cubic feet capacity, Panoramic LED interior lighting that offers easy access to stored food, and an adaptive defrost system that is meant to save energy by monitoring the compressor to make sure that it runs and defrosts when necessary.

in-door ice storage

In-door ice Storage: provides room for an extra full shelf in the freezer by moving the ice bin to the door.

measured fill

Measured Fill: allows you to select the exact amount of filtered water in ounces, liters, and cups.

storeright system

StoreRight System: keeps food fresh and helps to reduce freezer burn with dual cooling technology.

Electrolux brand break
Electrolux EW26SS75QS

Electrolux EW26SS75QS

Electrolux freestanding side by side refrigerator comes with 25.57 cubic feet of storage capacity which is about 6 cubic feet larger than Whirpool's WRS970CIDM. The water and ice dispensers of this model are about 9 inches tall and it is specially designed to accommodate larger containers. Additionally, this model has many luxurious features that are designed to make consumers' lives easier and more enjoyable. For instance, the exceptionally quiet operation will make sure not to disturb your peaceful kitchen. Do you remember one of the cons we had earlier in the article about the need for constant maintenance? With this model you should not be worried about that thanks to a condenser that remains clean, so your refrigerator can perform at its best. Just like most side to side refrigerators, this model also features measured fill, fast freeze and frost-free design.

dual humidity controlled crisper drawer

Luxury-close dual humidity-controlled crisper drawer: allows you to store fruits and vegetable at their ideal humidity level.

chill zone

Luxury-glide chill zone: chilled air is vented directly into this drawer to keep the contents extra cold.

fast ice

Fast Ice: Makes a large amount of ice up to 50 % percent faster than other side by side refrigerators.

Samsung Brand Breaker
Samsung RH22H9010SR

Samsung RH22H9010SR

Samsung's 36 inch freestanding counter depth side by side refrigerator from their Showcase Series is a top customer rated side by side refrigerator. With the great innovation of Food ShowCase feature, Samsung beats all the other side by side refrigerators. This feature provides instant access to drinks and condiments, while the InnerCase lets you store large, fresh food items. This side by side refrigerator from Samsung will help you to keep your groceries organized. This refrigerator has 21.5 cubic feet capacity which is enough to fit up to 22 bags of groceries. Unless there is a holiday or you are throwing a party, you should not be worried about the extra storage space.

door alarm

Door Alarm: If the refrigerator door is left open for more than two minutes, an audible alert will let you know.

glass shelves

Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves: Designed to fit taller items with ease, while the shelves are made with high strength safety glass.

metal cooling

Metal Cooling: locks in cold and seals freshness while stainless steel paneling helps maintain constant temperature.

frigidaire brand break
frigidaire FFSC2323LS

Frigidaire FFSC2323LS

Frigidaire's freestanding counter depth side by side refrigerator with 22.2 cubic feet capacity is made with cutting edge technology. This model has almost all the standard features of the side by side refrigerators that were mentioned earlier. For instance, this fridge includes an external water dispenser, stainless steel look, pull out shelves and gallon storage bins in door. This model also features a temperature-controlled meat/deli bin and sliding spillsafe glass shelves that provide easy access to grab whatever you need and, at the same time it designed to keep spills contained.

adjustable interior storage

Adjustable interior storage: gives you the opportunity to organize and customize your refrigerator in over 100 ways.

puresource ultra water filtration

PureSource ultra Water Filtration removes impurities straight from your refrigerator giving you clean, pure and refreshing water.

humiditycontrolled crisper drawers

Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers: allow you to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in ideal humidity level.

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