The Best Microwave Drawers

A microwave drawer is the latest style in microwaves, which is designed to be installed flush under the counter or below the wall oven. Rather than having a swing open door,  microwave drawers  open like a drawer manually or automatically for an easy access to the food. These units typically come in 24" and 30" widths and provide a great space-saving solution for small kitchens. In addition to that, microwave drawers can be installed at a convenient height while providing a high-end built-in look and feature a child lock safety feature to prevent the unwanted use. This design is a perfect solution for somebody who wants a high end look without sacrificing a valuable counter space.

Bosch 800 Series 24" built-in microwave drawer features a sleek design that can be installed flush under a counter or below the wall oven for a seamlessly integrated look. The 24" microwave drawer offers 1.2 cu. ft. of interior capacity that can accommodate tall and large items such as 20 oz. cup or 13" X 9" baking pan. This model is designed with bright LED display and touch controls that feature multiple power options for cooking versatility. In addition to that, this model provides an easy access to the food by featuring the low profile design with "open" and "close" touch controls to open and close the drawer automatically with just a push of a button. The elegant display also features automatic sensor programs that provide great cooking results and advanced features like Automatic Sensor Technology. This feature eliminates the guesswork by defrosting the frozen food automatically.

Dacor Renaissance Series 24" microwave drawer is available in stainless steel and black color options. Similar to Bosch model, this unit also opens and closes automatically with a touch of a button and installs flush into the cabinetry. In addition to that, this microwave drawer features multiple sequence cooking that allows programming 4 cooking sequences by automatically switching from one power level to another. Other sensor cooking features include easy minute, popcorn, beverage, and keep warm. The easy minute feature lets you add a minute to any cooking mode while beverage center feature is perfect for reheating a coffee or tea at the preferred temperature. The Keep Warm feature keeps the food warmed up for 30 minutes.

Thermador 24" microwave drawer provides a perfectly flush installation in the standard depth cabinetry for a seamlessly integrated look. Designed with automatic drawer opening and premium glass touch controls, Thermador microwave drawer makes cooking as easy as a touch of a button. The blue LCD display with glass touch display features 10 cooking modes including sensor cooking, which controls humidity and adjusts cooking level and time automatically. Other cooking modes include melt, soften, keep warm, quick defrost, quick minute, and popcorn program.

Wolf 24" microwave drawer  is built with the highest quality materials for the maximum durability and feature an elegant stainless steel design that fits completely flush in the surrounding cabinetry. Additionally, the unit offers a variety of innovative advanced features that makes cooking so much easier. For instance, the innovative feature such as Gourmet Mode eliminates the guesswork out of cooking by detecting the humidity levels and adjusting the power level accordingly. Another great feature of this model is the "Keep Warm" feature, which keeps the food warm for up to 90 minutes. In addition to that, Wolf microwave drawer offer quick start options for melting, softening, and defrost frozen food.

Viking 24" microwave drawer  features an elegant slim design with heavy-duty construction that provides an easy installation into the cabinetry. Designed with LCD display, this model features a variety of innovative advanced features including 11 power levels and 12 sensor cooking programs. Sensor cooking programs allow cooking, defrosting, and reheating automatically with one touch of a button. Other automatic features include melt, soften, and warm features, which selects the correct time and power for each function. Similar to microwaves mentioned above, this model also has the Add-minute feature, as well as Beverage Center, and the Keep Warm feature that keeps the food warm for 30 minutes.

All of these microwave drawers are great choices with unique designs and advanced features. All of them are 24" wide with 1.2 cu. ft. of interior capacity and have very similar features. So, when it comes down to selecting one, the choice usually comes down to which microwave drawer design and look you like the most.

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