The Best HE Top Load Washers of 2017

If you are looking for a top load washing machine but concerned about the effectiveness of this type of washer, we have a solution for you. High Efficiency (HE) top load washers are a great alternative to traditional top load washers. Typically, these type of washers are more expensive than the traditional ones, although they are water and energy efficient, saving you money on utility bills. In addition to that, HE top load washers have more washing capacity because they have a very small agitator or none at all. Therefore, you can wash larger loads of laundry and achieve better cleaning results.

Take a look at our list of top 5 High Efficiency (HE) top load washers:

Whirlpool Cabrio Series 28 Inch Top Load Washer

This High-efficiency top load washer offers 5.3 cu. ft. of capacity, which gives you a plenty of space for washing large loads of laundry. This top load washer features stainless steel wash tub with low profile impeller and 850-RPM spin speed for the thorough yet gentle cleaning of clothes. Additionally, the washer features the Intuitive Touch Controls with memory, which allows creating customized care for any wash cycle. This means you can adjust the water levels, as well as wash actions and temperature according to your needs. In addition to that, the HE top load washer offers adaptive wash technology, which makes it one of the most energy-efficient top load washers in the industry. This advanced technology senses the type of each load and adapts water levels, as well as wash actions based on the size of the load.

Maytag 30 Inch Top Load Washer

This High Efficiency top load washer is known for delivering the best cleaning performance in the industry. It offers 6.2 cu. ft. of capacity for washing large loads of laundry and provides high performance features such as PowerWash, PowerSpray, and optimal dispensers to remove the toughest stains in a single wash. The PowerWash cycle combines more wash action with heated water for the deep cleaning of laundry while The PowerSpray recirculates the water and detergent to remove difficult stains. The Optimal Dispenser, on the other hand, automatically releases the right amount of detergent at the right time for the best cleaning results. In addition to that, this high efficiency top load washer features stainless steel drums with power impeller and provides the maximum spin speed of 1000-RPM. Designed with electronic controls, the top load washer features 10 wash cycles including Bedding, Delicates, Rapid wash, Sanitize, and Wrinkle Control. In addition to that, you have options to choose deep clean with steam, deep fill, or extra rinse according to your needs.


Fisher Paykel AquaSmart Series 27 Inch Top Load Washer

Fisher and Paykel's top load washer offers an innovative design with SmartDrive Technology for the outstanding cleaning performance. The SmartDrive technology makes this top load washer one of the most water and energy efficient model that senses each load and adapts to the wash cycles accordingly. The washer offers 4.0 cu. ft. of washing capacity and features SmartTouch Controls with 12 preprogrammed wash cycles including Allergy, Bulky, Delicate, Towels, and Whites. The Smart Touch control panel allows to easily see which cycle is selected by illuminating the icon. The Eco-Active is an energy-efficient wash cycle, which removes heavy soil while saving energy. This advanced wash cycle uses a unique pumping technology that rapidly removes dirt and stains and is very effective in killing the bacteria.

fisher and paykel washingmachine

LG 29 Inch Top Load Washer

LG's Mega capacity top load washer offers 5.7 cu. ft. washing capacity, which lets you wash large loads of laundry like king size comforters and blankets in just one load. In addition to that, this top load washer features TurboWash Technology, which saves 30 minutes of washing time on each load. So, you can wash large loads of laundry in less time without sacrificing the cleaning performance. LG's Steam Technology is another advanced feature, which provides a gentle yet powerful wash for eliminating dirt, odors, and wrinkles. Other fabric care features include ColdWash, Sanitary, and Allergiene cycles. The ColdWash Technology delivers outstanding cleaning performance by using cold water and enhanced washing action. The Sanitary wash cycle, on the other hand, washes clothes at high temperatures to eliminate 99% of bacteria while Allergiene Cycle is great for removing pet dander allergens from the delicate fabrics. In addition to that, the washer is designed with stainless steel drums for the maximum care of clothes and provides quiet operation by reducing noise and vibrations through TruBalance Anti-vibration System.

Samsung Black Stainless Steel Series 27 Inch Top Load Washer

Samsung's top load washer combines the innovative design with advanced features and provides an outstanding cleaning performance at all times. This washer offers a spacious 5.4 cu. ft. of capacity for washing large loads of laundry and features integrated touch controls for easy operation. In addition to that, this innovative design features a built-in sink inside the washer, which allows prewashing clothes before the wash cycle. This model also offers a variety of advanced wash cycles including Super Speed and Steam Wash. The Super Speed Cycle can wash a full load of laundry in just 36 minutes without sacrificing the cleaning performance. The Steam wash cycle, on the other hand, provides a deep cleaning to remove difficult stains. Other preset wash cycles include Heavy Duty, Deep Wash, WaterProof, Brilliant Whites, and Delicates. The Wi-Fi Connectivity allows connecting the washer with the smartphone to remotely monitor and control all the wash cycles. This convenient smart feature lets the user monitor the cycle time remotely and receive notification when the cycle is complete. Additionally, it allows scheduling the wash cycles from the smartphone without having to be at home.

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