The Best Appliance Finishes of 2017

Do you remember the times when our grandmas all used to have basic kitchen with a few shelves and cabinets with fireplace or wood burning stove? Or, the times when there were no such a thing as powered appliances? Even though cooking and storing meals required much more labor, decorating the kitchen was one of the simplest tasks. Nowadays, with all these fancy, technologically advanced appliances that are out on the market, it is usually very difficult to decorate your kitchen the way you want. When you have very little knowledge about appliance finishes, this is especially difficult. That is why it is very important for you to take your time and study each color in depth, so you can decorate your kitchen with class and elegance. In this article, I will summarize the key points of popular colors such as white, stainless steel, black stainless steel, slate, and black kitchen appliances.

When we mention kitchen appliances we usually include, ranges, range hoods, cooktops, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers etc. Of course, purchasing any of these machines you have to carefully study their functionality and durability. However, appliance finishes also play a huge role in creating the type of environment that makes you want to be in your kitchen. Usually, it is the first thing that customers notice. Appliance finishes give off first impression to customers and just by looking at it, they know if it is what they want or not.

Every few years, one appliance finish becomes popular but not every color is capable of staying in that position for a very long period of time. White and Stainless steel have been all time favorite finishes of customers for various reasons that I will explore in this article.


Generally, white is usually associated with light, cleanliness, goodness and purity. In kitchen appliances, white is known for its simplicity and joyful vibe. Frigidaire, GE and Miele are some of the famous brands that are known for their white kitchen appliances. There are various advantages of having white kitchen appliances. For instance, white finish usually blends in with kitchen cabinetry easily. When it gets dirty, you can easily see it and clean it up before it turns into a stain that is hard to remove. If you are still wondering why you should go with white, consider the positive vibes it evokes. If you are the type of person who enjoys spacious kitchens and bright colors that reflect light, then you should definitely go with a white finish. White has been one of the popular finishes on the market. With white finish appliances, you can make every entrance in the kitchen heavenly.

Stainless Steel

When stainless steel was first introduced to the market, no one thought that it would have staying power. In addition to proving that wrong, stainless steel is gaining tremendous popularity among the customers due to various reasons. For instance, stainless steel gives off a beautiful modern appearance to any kitchen. Thus, many appliance manufacturers embraced the use of stainless steel to make it easier for customers to find replacements of their products. Frigidaire is one of the famous brands that gave stainless steel the power to be on the top and they are known for manufacturing various stainless steel products for an affordable price. There should be no doubt of the durability of stainless steel products. They are built to be highly resistant to corrosion, which many people find appealing. However, there are also downsides of having stainless steel as your appliance finish. Many people complain that you can easily see your fingerprints every time you open and close the refrigerator. This can be even more annoying if you have children at home. However, you can always easily wipe them off to clean it.

Black Stainless Steel

Black Stainless steel is the new hot trend that is gaining popularity because of its cutting edge look. It will allow your kitchen to shine and stand out from most other kitchens that you see. Black stainless steel might create dim lighting in your kitchen while leaving you more relaxed than ever. Remember the fingerprint problem mentioned earlier for stainless steel appliances? You don't have to worry about that as much when it comes to black stainless steel appliances because they are less prone to smudges and fingerprints. However, it has its own disadvantages. For instance, nobody knows whether or not this new trend can uphold its popularity in the upcoming years. Thus, if it goes out of style or if not enough customers purchase it, appliance manufacturers will also stop manufacturing black stainless steel appliances. This could make it difficult for customers to find a replacement if their current product is broken. Because black stainless steel requires a mixture of colors, every brand will produce their own type of black stainless steel finish which limits customers' option to choose all kitchen products from one brand. If you believe that black stainless steel is what you want, you should check out some of the popular brands that manufacture various appliances in black stainless steel color such as Samsung appliance and GE.


If you are looking for appliances that give off a warm and cozy vibe, then slate is just perfect for you. The reason why Slate is winning many people's favor is because of its capability to naturally resist smudges, dirt and fingerprints. Slate finish perfectly reflects the nature's influence on design as it blends in any contemporary kitchen. Slate finish blends in perfectly with surrounding cabinetry. Slate faces the same disadvantages as black stainless steel products when it comes to staying in market and customers being limited to choosing from one brand etc. However, the darker tone and matte look are guaranteed to minimize the fingerprints and smudges. If you are determined to purchase slate appliances, you have to realize you are taking a risk of trying something new. That does not always have to be a bad thing. Embrace the new colors in your kitchen with GE and Samsung slate appliances.


Appliances that are black in finish are popular among many younger people, bachelors, and urban homeowners. Black would be a great choice to consider if you are into a modern look and prefer your kitchen to have a very sleek design. Despite having a beautiful design, black appliances usually make the kitchen look bit darker. This is especially true if the surroundings and other kitchen cabinetries are darker in color. If you think black is your preferred color for your kitchen appliances, you should definitely check out Maytag and Smeg's full kitchen appliance packages, available in black finishes.

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