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Takagi Water Heaters

An industry leader in tankless water heaters since 1952, Takagi has made safety, reliability, and service the cornerstone of their business. For over sixty years, Takagi has been a worldwide producer of the best tankless heaters available, and has a demonstrated commitment to innovation and excellence. Their revolutionary tankless heaters reinvented an industry; today, they're reinventing customer satisfaction with every tankless water heater they sell, each one backed by decades of experience. Takagi, the first tankless water heater company to enter the North American market, offered the first completely-tankless product to feature a thermal efficiency of up to 95%. These amazing efficiency ratings were just the beginning, as Takagi also offered the first direct-vent convertible tankless water heater and the first to utilize the air-fuel ratio rod. This is a legacy of daring, of innovation, and, most importantly, of success. This is what being an industry leader means. This is Takagi.

Takagi is committed to more than quality tankless water heaters. They're also dedicated to preserving the environment, and to that end, Takagi produces the most eco-friendly and advanced tankless products on the market. Takagi recognizes all share the world we live in, and they're determined to help improve every home they can, whether it's the house you live in, or Earth, the home of the entire human race. With Takagi, you can help make global warming history. That's why Takagi is working with the United States government to help get tankless heaters Energy Star-certified, and working to promote the use of other energy-efficient appliances at home.

With offices in California, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Canada, and Japan, Takagi products are available worldwide.

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