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Surya Rugs and Decor

Surya is a company that was founded on an act of brazen audacity.

1n 1976, Surya Tiwari traveled to Mumbai, drawn by tales of towering marvels and streets paved with promise and opportunity, if not gold. Upon arrival, he discovered that Macy's was in town sourcing new products; in what may be the single most brash act he could have committed, he told the visiting executives that he had a factory pumping out awesome local merchandise, when in fact, he had no such thing. So, Surya Tiwari had one week to pull together a viable business to contract with Macy's, and ya know what?

He did it.

Renting a wedding tent and gathering the wares of local craftspeople, Surya Tiwari convinced Macy's he was ready to go. They agreed to contract with him, and that was the birth of Surya, one of the world's leading producers of high-quality rugs. From their humble early products of simple knotted rugs, Surya's line has expanded dramatically into decorative and functional rugs of every shape and color and style, including luxurious traditional and modern designs alongside pillows, poufs, throws, decorative wall art, and high quality rug pads. Now with expansive North American operations, Surya continues to push the boundaries of home decor and design by supporting innovative designers

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Surya Product Series

Caesar Series Alfresco Series Athena Series Harput Series Forum Series Mystique Series City Series Paramount Series Ephesians Series Horizon Series Monaco Series Elaziz Series Riley Series Monte Carlo Series Cosmopolitan Series Rain Series Contempo Series Presidential Series Quartz Series Granada Series Dantel Series Eagean Series Indigo Series Roma Series Aura Silk Series Morocco Series Rafetus Series Crowne Series Aesop Series Seville Series Nepali Series Mumbai Series Bonifate Series Aisha Series Berber Shag Series Serapi Series Bahar Series Florence Series Herati Series Clairmont Series Chester Series Iris Series Mesopotamia Series Antioch Series Hillcrest Series Quatro Series Chelsea Series Artemis Series Restoration Series Cappadocia Series Jax Series Serafina Series Falcon Series Nova Series Newcastle Series Mahal Series Kayseri Series Maroc Series Bohemian Series Katmandu Series Alpine Series Dublin Series City Light Series Durham Series Banshee Series Serengeti Shag Series Hightower Series Lagom Series Gemini Series Milano Series Germili Series Portera Series Rumi Series Genesis Series Izmir Series Norwich Series Nobility Series Amelie Series Love Series Castille Series Patina Series Crafty Series Lincoln Series Santa Monica Series Smithsonian Archive Series Hygge Series Ainsley Series Rhapsody Series Himalayan Series Apricity Series Big Sur Series Aberdine Series Skagen Series Alameda Series New Mexico Series Montclair Series Siena Series Apache Series Oslo Series Medora Series Sinop Series Amadeo Series Louvre Series Napels Series Felicity Series Shelby Series Kavita Series Aiden Series Maroc Shag Series Panipat Series Grizzly Series Ingrid Series Moroccan Shag Series Marina Series Cherokee Series Ankara Series Farmhouse Tassels Series Austin Series Mardin Series Dersim Series Notting Hill Series Kilim Series Azul Series Ancient Treasures Series Azilal Series Rabat Series Cash Series Agra Series Oasis Series Parma Series Messina Series Amsterdam Series Rivera Series Calm Series Bedouin Series Goddess Series Antigua Series Hannon Hill Series Aspen Series Eaton Series Gable Series Ariana Series Crescendo Series Palazzo Series Dena Series Bari Series Liverpool Series Continental Series Cheyenne Series Coventry Series Joli Series Kindred Series Silk Road Series Santa Cruz Series Hoboken Series Cloudy Shag Series Classic Nouveau Series Fire Work Series Piastrella Series Asia Minor Series Naya Series Graphite Series Livorno Series Ayasofya Series Abigail Series Etching Series Scott Series Ararat Series Kodiak Series Normandy Series Gorgeous Series Capri Series Diwali Series Festival Series Haven Series Kennedy Series Artist Studio Series Laural Series Masala Market Series Beck Series Brice Series Athens Series Breeze Series Solar Series Empress Series Prague Series Rajhari Series Pepin Series Mountain Series Anika Series Fowler Series Frontier Series Biscayne Series Pasadena Series Jute Series Padma Series Makalu Series Ravena Series Cassini Series Robin Series Amalfi Series Alaska Shag Series Deluxe Shag Series Equilibrium Series Colaba Series Bella Series Baylee Series Dream Series Reeds Series Berkley Series Azalea Series Skyline Series Duke Series Flokati Series Jamie Series Bellatrix Series July Series Laguna Series Farmhouse Neutrals Series Farmhouse Naturals Series Ozark Series Fez Series Lamia Series Corsair Series Peachtree Series Avon Series Aros Series Antique Series Jute Woven Series Etienne Series Mosaic Series Platinum Series Morse Series Hazar Series Mykonos Series Pune Series Pisces Series Oregon Series Elixir Series Adyant Series Milan Series Aurora Series Imola Series Outback Series Astara Series Jewel Tone Series Montezuma Series Lugano Series Atlantis Series Arte Series Chemistry Series Sherpa Series Meknes Series Costine Series Idina Series Pokhara Series Mavrick Series Sheepskin Series Jolene Series Cambridge Series Adia Series Midtown Series Marvin Series Modern Nouveau Series Haraz Series Olivia Series Jaque Series Soft Touch Series Curacao Series Cut & Loop Shag Series Davidson Series Lighthouse Series Beni Ourain Series Anthracite Series Pembridge Series Castello Series Arabesque Series Fanfare Series Serenade Series Arielle Series Chanceux Series Malaga Series Marlowe Series Christie Series Kapara Series Anchorage Series Handira Series Denim Series Gypsy Series Primal Series Aravalli Series Sabine Series Claude Series Cocoon Series Karim Series Modena Series Neravan Series Melody Series Nettie Series Heaven Series Brentwood Series Picnic Series Basilica Series Copenhagen Series Ashton Series Cheyenne Naturals Series Arlequin Series Enlightenment Series Davidson II Series Nairobi Series Irina Series Luxembourg Series Soho Series Edith Series Desiree Series Courtney Series Lucerne Series Glamour Series Jasper Series Ashlee Series Kuria Series Scion Series Ethereal Series Herkimer Series Artifact Series Avera Series Skye Series Pazyryk Series Elements Series Nuage Series Rex Series Harlequin Series Baranof Series Adobe Series Nico Series Aria Series Kinnara Series Saba Series Ephemeral Series Ember Series Felix Series Avignon Series Dazzle Series Pigments Series Carrington Series Antolya Series Klein Series Retro Series Lydia Series Belladonna Series Bexley Series Enchanted Series Kinley Series Flor Series Calypso Series Andromeda Series Aileen Series Chandler Series Ivorine Series Mezcla Series Cheshire Series Botanical Series Arete Series Fiji Series Jambi Series Lawry Series Essence Series Giovanni Series Inola Series Pyrenees Series Govandi Series Scarborough Series Arctic Series Lagoon Series Maeva Series Gunner Series Maren Series Sea Series Reef Series Shimmer Series Casa Series Evanesce Series Colmar Series Lava Series Graph Series Chic Series Como Series Gaia Series Javier Series Anastacia Series La Pampa Series Mamba Series Lucknow Series Centennial Series Istanbul Series Adeline Series Alexandra Series Galaxy Shag Series Norway Series Arizona Series Castlebury Series Parker Series Desoto Series Indus Valley Series Peek-A-Boo Series Skidaddle Series Rusak Series Ponderosa Series Marmaris Series Agostina Series Molana Series Florentine Series Neptune Series Appalachian Series Casablanca Series Shadi Series Portland Series Armelle Series Majestic Series Konya Series Bukhara Series Concepts Series Calidus Series Denali Series Schapen Series Daniel Series Rumba Series Colorado Series Keystone Series Inman Series Easton Series Elise Series Buenos Aires Series Limu Series Dayton Series Patagonia Series Kaitlyn Series Arial Series Asheville Series

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