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Like many places around the globe, Italy has a rich history with traditions that run deep and a diverse blend of cultural and social conventions. Cooking has long been a shared passion of those living in Italy and their relatives who chose the United States as their home. From this passion emerged a wide array of cuisines, some of which have roots dating back nearly 2000 years ago. Within Italy, the cuisines vary as much as the geography and often because of it. Whether it be fresh seafood straight out of the Mediterranean or Adriatic Seas, various regional handmade pasta preparations, or the game-changing advent of Pizza (and certainly much more), there's no shortage of food culture in Italy. Where there's Italian food, there is family. One family in particular made their imprint on the Italian cooking scene in 1952 from a humble workshop in Gualtieri. The Contini brothers shared a vision to incorporate a cooktop and a propane tank compartment into one brilliant invention. They weren't necessarily the first to explore the territory but they certainly perfected it by marrying form and function into one cohesive oven. Thus, the Superiore range oven was born.

Superiore prides itself on manufacturing ranges that offer serious cooking performance with an unequivocal Italian flair. Some 65 years after their initial emergence into the cooking appliance scene, Superiore continues to demonstrate the utmost attention to aesthetic detail and upper echelon performance. Later this year, Superiore will debut their latest line of cooking appliances which are sure to further cement their place in history and in your kitchen! Superiore strives to improve on the iconic handcrafted design details of years past while also pushing the limits of the premium cooking experience with unique engineering solutions. Below, we will explore what to expect this year from the renowned brand, from whom we've grown to expect nothing less than greatness, Superiore.

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Currently, Superiore offers premium ranges with impressive design features in the Deco & NEXT series. These ranges are available as freestanding models and measure at 24", 30", 36", or 48" wide. Select models feature a stovetop griddle or induction cooktop. Find the right cooktop configuration for your needs by choosing from four, five, or six sealed burners. With powerful convection fan technology in all of their ranges, you can expect professional cooking results in your own home kitchen. Explore the benefits of convection ovens by referring to our article in our Learning Center for more information!

Superiore's newest additions to their comprehensive line of premium appliances comes in the NEXT series. By combining the signature aesthetic and professional cooking standards, Superiore once again hits the mark with their latest ranges. Below you'll find an informative diagram of some of the features that set Superiore's brilliant range ovens apart from the pack.

Superiore Range Diagram

Through painstaking engineering, Superiore has rewritten the gold standards on all things cooking. Superiore ranges sport large-capacity oven cavities ranging from 4.4 cubic feet up to a massive 6.7 cubic feet. Each model is equipped with convection fans that guarantee even air distribution throughout the oven. This veritable powerhouse of cooking technology allows for even cooking on up to six simultaneous levels while avoiding unwanted flavor crossover between dishes. Oven capacity and fan options are as follows:

  • 24" - 4.4 cu. ft. & two convection fans
  • 30" - 5.7 cu. ft. & two convection fans
  • 36" - 6.7 cu. ft. & four convection fans
  • 48" - 5.7 cu. ft. & two convection fans
Superiore Convection Fan Interior
Superiore New Cooktop Layout

Superiore ranges are offered with customizable cooktops where performance, versatility, and efficiency meet. With several configurations to choose from, you'll have to decide what setup fits your needs. Superiore's power burners are able to deliver up to 18,000 BTU of full power while also capable of gentle 750 BTU simmering. Due to diligent engineering, each heavy-duty brass burner is designed to minimize heat loss and is resistant to heat and aging. Cooktop options are as follows:

  • 30" Simmer + Power burner 750-18,000 BTU / Power burner = 18,000 BTU
  • 36" Simmer + Power burner 750-18,000 BTU / Power burner = 18,000 BTU
  • 48" Simmer + Power burner 750-18,000 BTU / Power burner = 18,000 BTU
  • 48" Simmer + Power burner 750-18,000 BTU or Four induction burners with special functions

One unique feature exclusive to Superiore ranges is the Cool Flow system. This system generates a flow of cold air from interior fans that are engineered to keep the oven's control knobs, handle, and exterior surfaces cool to the touch. Below you will find a more in-depth look at the details of the Cool Flow system and the benefits it provides.

  • Max 120 degrees Farenheit on door and front panel
  • Max 140 degrees Farenheit on sides
  • Fan activates when inner sensor reaches 270 degrees Farenheit
  • Two fans on 30" & 36" models
  • Three fans on 48" models
  • Each fan has independent sensors and cabling as redundant safety precautions
  • In the event of a fan failing, temperatures remain within safety standards
Superiore Range Cool Flow System
Superiore Range Control Panel Close-up

Superiore is poised to debut many new features to existing products and brand-new appliances in 2017. In addition to ranges, Superiore offers a full line of range hoods and range accessories. Upgrade your kitchen aesthetic by building a complete Superiore kitchen appliance package! Be sure to check back for further updates regarding all the latest appliance news and information in our Learning Center! Don't miss out on these and other new entries in to the already impressive lineup of appliances from Superiore, available at Appliances Connection!

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