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Summerset Grills

Summerset Grills is a leading manufacturer of high-quality grills and outdoor kitchen appliances offering a full selection of grills, coolers, refrigerators, full kitchen packages and accessories.

The grills are available in natural gas and liquid propane fuel types and in both built-in and freestanding configurations, and in widths from an unobtrusive 25 inches to an extra-large mammoth grill of 60 inches. The grills are also divided into several series each with their own features including rear rotisserie burners and optional rotisserie, easy-to-clean ceramic briquette systems that reduce flare ups and encourage even heat distribution, and flamethrower ignition systems. The grills are also available as the centerpieces of a number of varied kitchen packages which also include supporting pieces such as compact refrigerators, storage drawers and doors, trash receptacles, and grill overs that allow you to build a full cooking suite in your outdoor entertainment area.

To further enhance your outdoor lifestyle, Summerset Grills also offers several individual support units including stylish outdoor-rated wine coolers that will keep your vintages safely stored, drop-in sinks and faucets for on-the-spot cleanups, drawer refrigerators and a line of single and double-tap beer coolers for when you want a steady supply of suds, and even a selection of fully loaded outdoor pizza ovens if you really want to expand your culinary options.

Whether you're looking for a simple grill set up or on a mission to build your own full-blown outdoor cooking suite, Summerset Grills has the gear you need combining all the performance, durability, and variety you could want.

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