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Stone County Ironworks Furniture

For over thirty years, Stone County Ironworks has been making some of the finest wrought and forged iron furniture anywhere in the United States. Every product in their catalog is hand-forged by skilled artisans and craftsmen, bench-made one at a time by an individual iron artist in their Arkansas foundry. This isn't assembly-line manufacture; there's no rolling conveyor belt, no automatic presses. Every item is crafted by a world-class blacksmith, often the second or third in a generation, using methods that go back centuries. Stone County Ironworks is dedicated to reviving the ancient art of blacksmithing, using the same tools that have been used by blacksmiths for generations, which means every hand-forged, artisanal piece is different. Instead of mass manufacture and machine efficiency, you get the dedicated, careful attention of skilled blacksmiths who care deeply for good work. That's the Stone County Ironworks guarantee.

Because of this special production method, Stone County Ironworks can easily accommodate special requests or custom pieces. That's what you get when you combine centuries of tradition with modern inventiveness and innovation, and that's why Stone County Ironworks is famous for the exceptional quality of its manufactures. Handcrafting doesn't have to be a lost art in the industrial age anymore, and the quality you'd expect from a skilled village smithy, making products designed to last for years and years, is the quality you can expect from Stone County Ironworks and their remarkable heirloom-quality pieces that are sure to take you well into the future even as they reach far into the past. That meeting place of past, present, and future is a foundry in Mountain View, Arkansas, in a valley surrounded by the Ozark Mountains, where the ages converge in the clash of metal tongs against white-hot iron.

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