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Spiderlegs Furniture

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that's certainly the case with Spiderlegs. Inventor and owner Buzz Shabram, Jr. originally devised these ingenious folding tables in 2000 upon buying an RV and realizing he didn't have adequate storage for traditional folding furniture. An experienced engineer and industrial designer, Shabram put his noggin to work and realized that tables and chairs that folded into briefcase-sized parcels would be ideal for his situation, and set to work designing, and then manufacturing in his own workshop, an entirely new kind of table. Dubbed Spiderlegs for the prototypes long, spindly supports, and featuring Shabram's unique, patented leg locking system, he began selling them at conventions and trade shows in 2002. By 2003, demand had grown so much that he formed Spiderlegs Tables, expanded the product line, and took his inventive designs on the road.

Spiderlegs are remarkable, quick folding, locking table designs that can be easily stored, easily set up, and easily put away with an absolute minimum of effort. Every one is made from the highest quality birch ply, with a high weight capacity, and is hand stained in Natural, Golden Oak, Light Walnut, Dark Walnut, Light Cherry or Red Mahogany Stains, and locking hinges keep the tables and chairs folded when you want them that way. These revolutionary tables are designed to make your life a little easier; easily stored in a closet, under a couch, or even on a shelf in your living room, you've got the freedom to dramatically increase your seating space at the drop of a hat, and whisk it away again just as quickly.

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