Speed Queen Laundry

Speed Queen is a manufacturer of commercial-grade laundry appliances for residential and commercial use. The brand is known for providing the industry's best washers and dryers that are built to last. All Speed Queen Products are manufactured with metal components instead of plastic, and tested to withstand the extreme conditions. All this works to ensure your Speed Queen appliances deliver unmatched durability and outstanding performance. Speed Queen Laundry appliances include top load washers, front load washers, dryers, and product related accessories.

Speed Queen top load and front load washers and dryers offer commercial-grade electronic controls. These controls are built with high-quality components that are designed to withstand extreme moisture, high temperature, as well as vibration and power surges. Additionally, Speed Queen's mechanical controls are a durable and easy to use alternative.

The Speed Queen Front load washers provide commercial-grade long lasting performance with balanced technology, which eliminates vibration and noise, resulting in 2.5 times less noise and faster wash cycles. Additionally, the energy efficient Speed Queen front load washers offer 20% more capacity than any other residential washers, minimizing cycle time by washing more laundry in less time.

Built with the commercial-grade heavy-duty fan system, Speed Queen Dryers provide fast and efficient results every single time. The dryers feature a special drying cycle, the energy-efficient Eco Cycle. During the Eco Cycle, moisture sensors start decreasing the temperature by 10% after the load reaches the selected dryness level, preventing the over-drying of your clothes while reducing energy consumption.

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Current Speed Queen Promotions

  • Speed Queen - Laundry Rebate ($200 value) Purchase an eligible Washer and Dryer pair or Laundry Center for a $200 rebate. Promotion valid January 17, 2024 - March 7, 2024 To submit your claim online, please go to www.necoonlinerebates.com Note: Serial Numbers are required to receive payment. Claims must be submitted online by 6/7/2024 Offer ends 03/07/24

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